G20 offer little reassurance over economy amid virus outbreak

By Miya Tanaka

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A dogwhistle to the investor class?

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People are dying and all they can (on the face of it) is worry about economic growth.

Still, being in the upper age groups, most of them are probably dreading their next meeting....

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Leaders are still not leading because as commented on above, they still have a narrow minded focus on economic growth at the expemce of other more importsnt social and environmental issues.

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That photo looks like they're in a padded cell.


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I think if rgcivilian was suggesting something plausible he would provide a link/reference

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Reading the headline I question what was expected, a rabbit out of a hat? Really.

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Frankly speaking, we cannot even feel sure about the figures (regarding the situation) coming out from China," 

You can't believe anything out of China. Trump was right, please get the freaking supply chains out of China!

Also, not to be crass, but you have a better chance of falling and cracking your head open or catching influenza A or B. But then again, that does not sell papers or provide shocking clickbait headlines like the coronavirus does.

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I never thought I’d see the day when I agree with a comment Aso made! “we cannot even feel sure about the figures (regarding the situation) coming out from China," Aso told a press conference after the gathering.”

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...there are good and specific reasons not to trust China on this. It has demonstrated untrustworthiness times and again.

Go back 20 years China asked France for help to build a P4 lab (the highest level bio-hazard lab dealing with the likes of Ebola etc.). France initially refused.

China upped the begging, saying it will not be used for development of biological weapons, it will be used to ensure stability of a large Chinese population. China also said it will have international oversight, and pay French qualified contractors will build it. France then agreed to help China, despite objections from the international community.

Fast forward 5 years or so France delivered the complete construction plans to China.

But instead of allowing RTV, a French contractor to build the plant, China pretended to be upset at France for criticising it on human rights issues and cancelled the RTV contract.

A Chinese contractor then built the facility WITHOUT international oversight (usually the WHO). China certified the facility on its own (wolf in charge of hen house) because it wouldn't allow international inspection or oversight. But it is 'very actively seeking international certification from the WHO (so we should all be very worried).

Can you see why China is stacking the WHO with 'friendlies' now?

The lab we're talking about is the Wuhan lab, surprise, surprise. Can you see why China is so secretive now? China can't make a drill with a centred chuck, do you think it can build a P4 lab?

If interested in more details and intrigue, look for the book:

"France-China, Dangerous Liaison" by Antoine Izambard.

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...a researcher was inadvertantly infected and then was able to spread the virus outside of the containment area? That doesn't sound too far-fetched to me.

+1, I think if you look at how the facility came about, ie built by inexperienced people, operated by inexperienced people and without international oversight, bads things are sure to happen, not if but when.

The international community now have a good reason to demand the Wuhan facility be decommissioned and demolished. Pitty there wasn't enough balls at this G20. Saying they don't trust China is simply not enough.

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"Don’t buy China’s story: The coronavirus may have leaked from a lab"


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