G7 leaders to open summit focused on world economy


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They're calling it a "counter-summit" and have a packed schedule of conferences and workshops along the Basque coast to protest social and economic inequality, climate change, migration policies and other concerns.

No better place for it. People power needs to triumph over the so-called leaders. They care nothing for us.

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If Trump wants to bring back jobs to America, he shouldn't against France's tax proposal, he should be urging France and other nations to go ahead with new tax structures on big techs. At the moment, the big techs are free to roam, ie take their earnings on a whirlwind trip until it's no longer taxable.

Countries of the world must unite and close the taxfree superhighway that leads to places like the Netherlands, the Caymans etc.

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They're ... protest(ing) social and economic inequality

So... this is a country vs country thing? Individual vs individual? Are they pushing for a global socialist environment? Sounds awful. Nothing will get done.

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*global economic growth has slowed due to weakness in Germany, Europe's largest economy, and a pronounced slowdown in China, the world's second-largest economy, as it remains locked in a tense trade standoff with the U.S.*

No mention of the workd's third largest economy, does it mean it's economy is fine and can be counted on to step up to the plate and drive global economic growth or is it that the present downturn is not of its making as usual and is unconcern.

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hope they brought a high chair, crayons, and a colouring book for his nibs

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Since Trump will be there this will be a failure.

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Sideline the US, and all be worked itself out.

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I just saw the French news reporting about this, the globalists have created quite the playground for themselves in Biarritz.

The whole town is locked down hermetically with public tranportation hubs closed and residents need to wear special badges and pass several checkpoints just to reach their own homes.

A security force of no less than 1300 people is controlling the area non-stop.

I fully support the anti-globalism protestors as long as they don't use violence and destroy others people property however the people who do that are no real anarchists but infiltrators whose purpose is to put the protestors in a bad light.

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