Gov't held secret meetings in 2005 about allowing females to ascend throne, documents show


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.....sounds rather pathetic!

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Why hold them in private? Scared much? At least Koizumi was a forward thinker relative to backwards Abe, who wants a return to pre-war "beauty" and militarism, as well as bubble-era economic practices which have resulted in 200 failed vows to fix the economy while sealing the economic fate of generations to come.

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So since 1997, successive government, unaware to the public, have been considering a number of options to debate possible changes to follow the female line for ascendancy to Japan's imperial throne.

Some 22 years, along the way utilizing the aid of the routine/obligatory panel of experts the results are quote.

18 imperial family members and 13 of them are women. After the crown prince ascends the Chrysanthemum Throne, there will be only three male heirs.........

If ever there were a descriptive illustration for a meaningless asinine undertaking, then this is a prima facie example

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I am ready to accept Aiko to ascend the throne.

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If an number of these eligible Princesses were to succumb to cupid arrow, finding loves lost dream. Then a more than a few members of the Imperial Household Agency could well be looking for alternative employment.

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At least Koizumi was a forward thinker

While I didn't think so at the time, he sure is preferable to Abe. For those of us who remember, Koizumi and W. touring Graceland seems relatively benign compared to the current nichibei-kankei.

Anyway, I imagine this idea will be buried by conservatives for the next 70 years given Hisahito's age. In the meantime, so many women will shine that we'll have to wear shades.

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The Japanese government holding secret meetings and keeping information from the public? Yeah, that sounds about right.

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Yes, because it's so controversial to unshackle women that the meeting's should definitely get held in secret.

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The main god of the Shinto religion is a GODDESS. Why not have an Empress of Japan?

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Well with modern science, you can choose the gender of your baby. Then with the use of a surrogate mother. The emperor family can make as many prince and princess as they want unless the royal sperms or eggs are not up to scratch.

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There is no reason that the role of ceremonial ruler of Japan can not be held by a woman.

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This is just more evidence of Japan's backward thinking. Behind all of the pseudo-progressive fronts they put up, lies an archaic mindset that will ultimately be their undoing

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Do people easily forget? They were publicly talking about it in 2009 or something and when the new baby boy was born everything disappeared.

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Rules are there to be broken does not translate well into Japanese I guess, on the contrary.

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Women should not be force to relinquish their titles when marriage.

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TIJToday 07:12 pm JST

The main god of the Shinto religion is a GODDESS. Why not have an Empress of Japan?

Not to say I really know or disagree with with your sentiment, but this may have something to do with it?

(Your post made me do a quick wiki,,,,)

According to the Kojiki,[23]Amenominakanushi (天御中主 "All-Father of the Originating Hub", or 天之御中主神 "Heavenly Ancestral God of the Originating Heart of the Universe") is the first kami, and the concept of the source of the universe according to theologies.[24][25] In mythology, he is described as a "god who came into being alone" (hitorigami), the first of the zōka sanshin("three kami of creation"), and one of the five kotoamatsukami ("distinguished heavenly gods").[24]

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Just do it!

Just doooo iiiit

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Sounds like a medieval meeting took place in 2005 to agree on another medieval meeting to be organised in 2050 to move to modernity.

There is no god or any people higher than any other else.

And for that irrespect to an inexistent supremacy my post will be deleted by JT. Maybe in 2050 it will be tolerated.

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Not to say I really know or disagree with with your sentiment, but this may have something to do with it?

The Ise Grand Shrine (伊勢神宮 Ise Jingū), located in the city of Ise, Mie Prefecture of Japan, is a Shinto shrine dedicated to the sun goddess Amaterasu. 

"The Sun Goddess Amaterasu is considered Shinto's most important kami."


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Amaterasu-Ō-Mi-Kami (天照大神 or 天照大御神) Commonly called Amaterasu, she is the goddess of the sun as well as the purported ancestress of the Imperial Household of Japan. 

"...ancestress of the Imperial Household of Japan."

The most important shrine in Japan is dedicated to a Goddess. The Imperial line is believed to be directly descending from a Goddess. However, Japan has chosen to not have a female on the Imperial Throne. Why not?

That's my point.

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So on top of regular meetings, there are also secret meetings! Oh man

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Yeah, for all of five minutes after which they had some sake and food and girls. Who takes this stuff seriously?

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Now for certain the government is "running" the show with the Imperial family.

Not to be a sexist, but when the government determines who will be the next "representative" royalty for Japan, it really does not matter what "sex" that person may be except for "tradition" sake. The royal family has "no" choice, anyway. I that case, it may be an idea to let the people decide with a "vote" to make it more meaningful to those who "pay" for the existence of the royalty that "represent" them.

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