Hagerty defends U.S. trade policies, says they are not protectionist

By Chris Gallagher

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I don't understand. Trump says American trade policies are protectionist.

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Some are still refusing to accept that America’s days of unilateral trade surrender and complicity in the erosion of its power are over. They’d better get used to it though because things are not going to go back to the way they were anytime soon. Threatening to deprive the mercantilist East Asians of their taken for granted market privileges is also America’s way of signaling to them that henceforth your way is going to be our way.

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Really can’t complain that Japanese consumers wouldn’t purchase an American vehicle. They guzzle lots of gasoline & an ordinary F-150 (for example) is just too enormous for those narrow roads & tight parking areas.

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It appears Mr. Hagerty drinks Narcissus J. Trumpnocchio punch ... of course, that’s the only way to keep his job.

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Tariffs are clearly protectionist tools. Its really impossible to argue otherwise. That's not to say they are not needed or desirable. That's a judgement for governments to make. Its just a fact.

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F-150, what are you talking about? Have you ever been to Japan???

It is clogged with giant SUVs that are too enormous for narrow roads and tight parking areas. They are all made by Japanese car companies. There aren't any Korean cars for sale in Japan. They aren't allowed there. I think it has to do with a law that a car company that has 3 letters must begin with a B or it is unsafe.

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 blocking imports of U.S. autos

No need to block US autos when nobody wants them.

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US made cars are not popular in Europe either, they do not have a reputation for quality. They always break down or refuse to start when ever the bad guy is coming in every US film :)

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They are protectionist, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Smart countries, like Japan, employ some measure of protectionism.

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"blocking imports of US autos" So the Chrysler and Ford dealerships in Japan sell whose cars? I had presumed that they were selling Chysters and Fords (although Ford recently withdrew from Japan).

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And after the laughter subsided, then what did he say?

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I don't think he is demanding that Japanese buy American cars. He is using automobiles as an example. The USA is very open to imports, but Japan isn't. QuickCuts is a discount barbershop chain in Japan. Most posters have never been to Japan and don't know about it. When they started business they could buy any barbershop chairs because the companies that made them wouldn't sell to them. They were protecting the established 4,000 yen haircut shops. QuickCuts bought pachinko chairs because the were adjustable up and down and fixed to the floor. Then they started offering 1,000 yen haircuts. This is what he is talking about. Japanese companies can set up shop in America with ease , but foreign countries are blocked from doing the same. For example if Australia blocked car imports from Japan to do a radiation check on all parts of the car the Japanese would take a massive poop. That is how they treat Aussie beef. The Japanese try to sell radioactive food from Tohoku and get insulted when it gets inspected. They cry it is unfair, but will reject a ship full of rice if there is a tennis shoe on the rice.

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He has to be joking.

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I'm amazed how the media is so clueless about the trade changes. It's not about tariffs but about equal access to each others markets. I noticed on 10 day vaction in Japan I only saw 2 American autos the whole time.I was looking hard and I know my cars. I now many in Japan, China and other Asian nations want USA product but taxed so high they can't afford to buy. The great giveaway of American markets is over ! Time for competition and 2 way free trade

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Most posters have never been to Japan and don't know about it. 

Sorry, have you copied and pasted this from another website? You have just posted on a sited populated almost entirely by people who live or have lived in Japan (apart from a few trolls). Therefore this comment must have come from another site.

You're a relatively new joiner Wayne, but I am putting a big question mark over you from now on.

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