Initial FY2019 budget to top ¥100 tril for 1st time


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"Hey boss, how about increasing my budget for 2019 to an new all time high?" Yeah, I didn't think so either.

There should be torches, pitchforks and buckets with tar and feathers going to Kasumigaseki.

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The printing presses continue to roll. JGB's continue to be issued so the BoJ can buy them.  what a mess.

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This house of cards is already to the clouds.

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Not too much to comment on.

All I can say is: "OH NO"!!!!

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JGB's continue to be issued so the BoJ can buy them. what a mess.

That Japan can do this....while many, many others cannot....while printing the world's safe-haven currency, is proof that Japan's public finances are anything but a mess.

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Less tax payers, expanding government spending, increasing national debt. The light at the end of this tunnel is simply a train bearing down. But good on the government for throwing fiscal responsibility into the shredding machine.

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Defense spending in Japan is 1% of GDP so if people think thats a problem now ahhh....

The spending on public works seems to be the only long term beneficial measure outlined.

An awful lot of short term consumption and subsidies

Where does Japan see itself heading? Will Japan embrace steady-state economics or continue on the standard path, an illusory path in Japans case of GDP and growth as gods?

If its the latter then i would promoting the recent article CNN did on Japans various schemes to fill empty homes


And make it clear its open to foreigners, which it is.

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