Japan's foreign minister to visit 4 African countries this week


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Tunisia will host the Tokyo International Conference on African Development in 2022, while South Africa is chair of the African Union this year.

China is already head start with massive capitals all over Africa, during that time Japan just focus on Asia, Europe and UK.


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Why can't these idiots use zoom like the rest of us have to? Of course he'll skip quarraintine won't he.

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If you don't want China to know the content of your meetings, please conduct them in the sea wearing swimmers. Every corners of Africa is tainted with Huawei bugs.

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Why can't these idiots use zoom like the rest of us have to?

Are you serious? Zoom is full of security holes, and no one even know for sure if it was there intentionally. I'm surprised the government hasn't banned it.

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More taxpayers money for foreign aid bribes and no two week quarantines.

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Yup, I’m sure we’ll be soon reading about more billions of yen in foreign aid next week. Keep printing those yens like there’s no tomorrow (literally).

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