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Japan's Constitutional Democrats: A little party with big ambition

By Linda Sieg and Ami Miyazaki

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I remember that Edano was one of the few competent guys during the Fukushima crisis. But he was a top LPD acolyte until not so long ago, I can't imagine him wanting to change Japan Inc system as much as he says. Nor that the system would allow him to do so.

Ah, these posters still look like your same old Japanese party.

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Exactly, same old re hashed ldp tripe, needs to be grass roots or we will continue to be stuck with single party dear leader politics.

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But he was a top LPD acolyte until not so long ago ...

Can you elaborate on this? His Wikipedia article at least doesn't say anything about the LDP.

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For Edano's party to succeed, they have to make sure that they do not let in any of the old dinosaur conservatives and try to avoid ANYONE with ties to Nippon Kaigi. The election taught us some important lessons:

People in Japan ARE hungry for change

there is (in my opinion) a silent majority of liberal people who would vote these guys in in a heartbeat if they can actually prove that they are progressive. That's why their party did so well.

NO ONE wants an LDP lite. Those who vote LDP will always vote that way. Those who don't want the LDP need a real viable option, and I suspect there are more of those than meets the eye.
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@koiwaicoffee Edano was never in the LDP. Maybe you're mixing him up with Ichiro Ozawa or Yukio Hatoyama

or somebody?

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Japan is desperately in need of new blood in the political system. Japan also needs a formidable opposition party to seriously end this decades old one horse system.

This I believe this will end Japans stagnation and (in my opinion) social decline.

It's up to the electorate but I wish Mr.Edano the best of luck.

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These parties with a founding father and their vainglorious posters - can we make the face bigger? -usually don’t last long.

Succession issues lead to dissolvement: Japan Renewal Party, Japan Socialist Party, Sakigake New Harbinger Party, New Frontier Party 新進党、Tokyo Tea Party, The Party of Hope, etc. Just wait and see.

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As, Foreign Residents can't vote so nothing we say, or think about Japanese Politics matters at all. Wonder why we even have a Politics section here... ?

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