Japan's economy bottoming out, says Aso


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Exactly how is this recovery going to aid the average Taro or Yuko?

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I hear about recovery ever since 1997 and it has never happened. In the retail sector, problems are only at the beginning. Tourism is at rock bodem , I agree, travel in all forms as well. But industrial output will remain low, service sector will need 10 years to partially recover. Real estate sector woes mostly still need to start. Both office as residential.

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Aso has succeeded in "putting a floor" on the economy into which the Japanese populace has repeatedly been slammed and bloodied. Now it is time for the assets of him and his cronies to start growing again. Hooray!

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Taro Aso is the most tone-deaf elite in the world right now. His pal, Shinzo Abe, isn't ready to admit that Japan is out of the worst yet.

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Aso is a disgrace!

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Wish Aso would " bottom out " into retirement already.

Exactly how is this recovery going to aid the average Taro or Yuko?

Who ? Who are these peasants u speak of?

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With a global depression in the post I’m not quite sure how Asosan can declare this as rock bottom? How could he know such a thing? We are about 2 or 3 km into the marathon.

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The Japanese economy has been hovering at the bottom for over two decades. Every year they just keep printing money and further increasing the public debt. It’s always interesting to speak with a Japanese person and listen to the boast about Japan being a rich country. It’s wealth is the money it owes its citizens.

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Aso is so out of touch with the reality of everyday people, I don't know on what basis he can say this.

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Ya ya, he also said Japan had one of the lowest corona cases in the world because of Japan’s world’s best hygiene practices.

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Bottoming out ???.which bottom ???.

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