Japan's stance on Venezuela remains vague


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Abe doesnt want to get stuck picking sides between Russia and the US and he has no one to blame but himself. Not much of a leader!

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Over 80% of countries back Maduro, the UN recognized president.

Less than 20% support the US "self-declared" puppet president.

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Japan's stance on Venezuela remains vague

Well, that's a surprise. I wouldn't worry, though, as Japan can always get as much oil and natural gas as it needs from its good friend Russia!

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Guaido wasn't even elected as president of the National Assembly, much less president of the country. There's absolute no democratic rational for recognizing him as anything other than a right-wing terrorist representative from a backwater province--or as a CIA asset.

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Burning BushToday  07:13 am JST

Over 80% of countries back Maduro, the UN recognized president.

Yeah! Countries like Russian, the PRC, N. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Turkey . . . . The list just goes on.


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India and China do--that's 2.6 billion people right there.

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Yeah! Countries like Russian, the PRC, N. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Turkey . . . . The list just goes on.

Whats your point exactly? What in your mind disqualifies Nigeria advance country?

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Japan's stance on Venezuela remains vague

So, what else is new?

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Japans stance on most things tends to be a bit vague. Not sure if this have your cake and eat it too style is either prudent , smart or just weak in these turbulent times. It feels good to know where you stand personally on things so why not as a nation? Maybe a lofty approach is just easier than building a consensus on difficult issues.

You either stand for something , or you stand for nothing right?

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Isn’t it better to be ‘vague’ rather than being the accomplice of the USA for money, oil and long term destruction of the country?

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Japan will support the winner, whoever it may be.

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And? The situation in Venezuela is far from clear and could turn to violence at any moment. Regardless, the UN and most of the world still recognizes Venezuela's current autocratic government.

If there is violence in Venezuela, you can bet the Euro nations won't lift a finger to help Guaido

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Japan's stance on Venezuela remains vague

Good, keep it vague (otherwise known as neutral). Nothing to be gained at this point by declaring for one side over the other or by supporting intervention in Venezuela by any major world power.

This quote seems about right:

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe did not make clear his position over the issue, merely saying his country wishes for a democratic, peaceful and stable resolution.

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Abe couldn’t find Venezuela on a map even if it was labeled.

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So Japan is the same as Ireland, South Korea, Norway, India, Switzerland, New Zealand, Italy, the EU, and the UN in not fully committing to recognition? Sounds perfectly reasonable and practical and glad this position has been taken by Japan. One must think clearly before supporting Trump's agenda

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Why not just leave it to the Venezuelans to decide, it has nothing to do with any other nation.

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Vague is how I feel too about the situation in Venezuela.

This clearly means that you do not strongly support a particular movement, but you are not strongly opposed to it either. Maybe you do not like the choice being offered. Why can this not be a real diplomatic option?

(I do know that the West likes to pull together, to show solidarity, especially when others are trying to sow discord and split them asunder.)

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"Japan strongly hopes a movement toward recovering democracy in the country would go smoothly and continues to monitor the positions of various nations," Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told a news conference.

I have to say that Japan is taking exactly the right approach.

It doesn't involve Japan, it really is none of Japan's business and, at this point, what is the upside of getting involved.

I mean, its not as though Japan has any ability to shape events there anyway.

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Japan must follow Trumps orders.

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Yeah! Countries like Russian, the PRC, N. Korea, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Turkey . . . . The list just goes on.

Whats your point exactly? What in your mind disqualifies Nigeria advance country?

The original poster never said Nigeria isn't an advance country. For me personally, it's political agenda and economic control that come to mind when I see Nigeria and China written in the same sentence.

Anyway, this news doesn't shock me at all. The Japanese government has a masters in turncoating and a PhD in a-- kissing. The people are as indifferent as always, most of my Japanese friends (working adults, some in government offices even) aren't even aware that something very bad is happening in Venezuela because they are busy choosing what chocolates to buy for Valentine's Day.

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Venezuela is sitting atop 297 billion barrels of oil. These reserves are recognised as the largest in the world. The country depends on the revenue from this oil since it accounts for 98% of its exports. It's also .. "awash with natural resources such as diamonds, bauxite, gold, iron ore, natural gas ..." (azomining.com)

It seems certain entities want to get their hands on these resources so maybe, just maybe, it has something to do with the sanctions and everything else that's going on. There are probably other reasons too but basically it's the same old story.

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Just to support what I said above, I came across this as I was scrolling down a news feed.

As Bush-era arch-hawk John Bolton put it, the US had “a lot at stake” in Venezuela’s affairs. “It will make a big difference to the United States economically if we could have American oil companies invest in and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela,” he told Fox Business host Trish Regan.

and ...

CIA World Factbook for 2017 says Venezuela has the world’s biggest proven crude oil reserves, surpassing those of Saudi Arabia, Canada, Iran and Iraq. During the crisis, Venezuelan officials suggested that oil is behind US attempt to replace Maduro with someone friendlier to Washington.


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