A passenger walks through the arrival lobby at Narita airport in Chiba Prefecture. Photo: REUTERS file

Japan, China discuss restarting mutual business travel


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What’s so great about business?

it drives me nuts

I wanna get out of here too

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Once again the long-term tax-paying Eijyuken holder is discriminated against.

-9 ( +3 / -12 )

Ridiculous that visa holders not included.  how does the virus discriminate between those on visa and actual citizens.....??

Further evidence of how illogical and likely ineffective many of these global restrictions are.

Despite all the measures to date we are seeing huge spikes in infections (but apparently lower  numbers of people seriously affected)...

-2 ( +6 / -8 )

Doesn't really matter. No one should be travelling internationally right now unless it's absolutely necessary.

8 ( +15 / -7 )

9.59 million people visited Japan from China in 2019, including around 370,000 for business,

The article failed to mention the losses suffered by local businesses due to the 9.5 mil visiting Japan from China and the mess left behind where only a select few actually experienced any gains. Also it failed to mention that the virus first was reported in Japan due to such visitors from China.

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The rules need to be the same for everyone. Why does everyone else have to quarantine? There is no logic behind these rules, they are just arbitrary and discriminatory.

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Prior to, or at the same time of general re-opening, isn't it possible for Japan to give asylum to Hong Kong citizens and ethnic minorities under threat? Also please resolve the issue of "missing" Japanese visitors and expats in China, some of whom are found at local detention houses.

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Why are people (men) in Asia so obsessed with business. A strange world we live in

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They should..

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I say make China one of the last places we let people in from. When is Japan gonna learn?

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Once again the long-term tax-paying Eijyuken holder is discriminated against.

There is no such thing as Eijyuken for foreigners, only Eijyu permit.

1 ( +4 / -3 )

Why are people (men) in Asia so obsessed with business. A strange world we live in

Whats so hard to understand? LDP govt has always cared about their buddies in J-Inc whilst not giving a toss about general public.....why would you expect anything different from Suga,s govt?

2 ( +5 / -3 )

Why would Japan want business travel when they might invade Taiwan? Seems to me they China needs to cool it's heals first.


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Quarantine and test, entry OK.

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All Chinese go through 3 week quarantine first then it is ok!

1 ( +4 / -3 )

Right before the cold and flu season starts. Brilliant.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

JT in another headline mentioned the Chinese hacking of Japanese covid research. So wouldn’t this travel allow even more onsite stealing of research?

3 ( +4 / -1 )

You really have to be kidding me.

Under the envisioned agreement, short-term business travelers will be exempted from having to enter 14-day self-isolation upon arrival to the respective countries provided they take necessary preventive measures against spreading the coronavirus, such as turning in their travel itineraries and providing proof of negative test results, the sources said.

Expatriates and other long-term residents will still need to stay in quarantine for 14 days, they said. Students will also be allowed to visit Japan and China if they observe a self-quarantine period.

I have lived in Japan 25 years, have a business and employ numerous Japanese engineers. A major aspect of the business assists Japanese manufacturers exporting/integrating systems and equipment into overseas infrastructure. To perform this work it is greatly beneficial to our clients that I (or other engineers working for me who can communicate in a foreign language) have the ability to travel overseas and return to Japan.

On the other hand a Chinese person engaged in business can come here without the quarantine restrictions that taxpayers are expected to adhere to. There is no common sense to this requirement.

I do not expect special treatment but as a taxpayer I would at least expect equal treatment to someone who has no obligations or commitment to Japan other than coming and trying to engange in what is possibly transient business activity.

My recommendation: If you are a highly skilled foreigner, who the Abe adminstration was trying to encourage to move to Japan, do not move to Japan - there are other countries where you will be treated better. I am 25 years in so I am in a position where exricating myself is difficult.

I now give this recommendation 100% of the time without hesitation.

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It's not left or right, never mind right or wrong. It's just sordid flat-out opportunism.

4 ( +4 / -0 )

For a country that was the origin of the pandemic, it is on the face of it, remarkable how much Japan is literally kowtowing to China.

The only reasons that Japan is allowing Chinese such carte blanche to avoid restrictions is due to the vast amounts of money and influence China has in the Japanese economy and business networks-it is all about the yen or yuan...not health!

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Its all about the YEN, and the YUAN and not the people!! All they want is the economies to grow

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Is this also a bilateral issue? What's special about business travellers that other travellers like holidaymakers don't have or do have? The virus does not discriminate, and why should business travel between China and Japan OK but not between Korea and Japan? Illogical thinking.

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This is so predictable of the money driven Japanese government.

Lets start business travel in November and then just in time for Chinese New year celebrations in January.

Please come and spend your money here , we are not botheed about normal tourists from other countries who actually love and respect the Japanese culture and citizens.

As someone from the UK who has been denied access to marry his wife to be , offering to self isolate and pay all relevant costs and take PCR tests , just to read the business man can just waltz in and out with no precautions .

So so predictable Japan.

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Expatriates and other long-term residents will still need to stay in quarantine for 14 days, they said.

Here, let me translate this part of the article for context:

Expatriates and other long-term residents are not now, nor will they ever be, welcome in Japan, they said.

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I love how the woman in the photo is dressed as Audrey Hepburn in 1963. In what other country do you see this?

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