Japan, China pledge to pursue improved ties, keep pressure on N Korea


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This is great news. Haven’t heard this strategy before.

Didnt China and NK just have a meeting on how to apply pressure on Japan and the US?

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Hope this is sufficient sincere on both sides. Based on past incidents I am less than optimistic.

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Wang said his visit was in response to Japan's positive attitude towards China.

Wang is the first Chinese foreign minister to visit Japan in a bilateral context in the nine years.

The fact that the meeting was held in Japan says a lot. Although things can always reverse, here's hoping to improved ties.

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Japan sees the writing on the wall: China is the future, the USA is the past. China sees the writing on the wall too. So does North and South Korea.

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Can't say the world appreciates China as much as being disappointed with the US...

But, China by controlling the basic manufacturing market of the world for the past 15+ years and now even the technological market for the past 5+ years... it does have the "power" to "pursuance" and "control" some of the market... If and when they control the world currency they will definitely have major control of the world market...

However, their overt and covert inappropriate and unfair activities throughout the world may eventually backfire and China may face more adversaries than allies...

With their now stated objective and threat to find their "rightful place in the world"... all must be very wary of their motives when negotiating any deal...

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Compared to Trump and some of those European leaders, China's Xi looks like the stable genius we all want.

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Another thing that makes China look good is that the US is totally broke. I know China has debe, but...

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