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Japan, Indonesia confirm cooperation toward free, open Indo-Pacific


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East China Sea, NK and Ukraine have nothing to do with Indonesia. Indonesia is in the Southern Hemisphere.

kishida should just ask for cheap labor to work in our factories and care homes.

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should just ask for cheap labor to work in our factories and care homes.

For that Japan already have supply from Vietnam.


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strategic partner sharing universal values such as democracy and the rule of law

Lol. Jakarta mayor served two years for "blasphemy" while Japan isn't able to hold its own former PM to account for blatant corruption and cronyism. Some great examples of rule of law there!

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I hope Mr Kishida reminds Joko of the costs incurred by Japan (for over 6 years) developing the Jakarta - Bandung - Surabaya high speed rail, ONLY for Joko to switch to China at the last minute (in 2015) when he won power. Massive kick in the gut for friendly and cooperative Japan.

I worked on the project, and many of my cohorts suspect China hacked Indonesia or even Japanese companies because they spent nothing on research or development and tendered (out of thin air) a lower price. Since 2015, NOTHING has happened, so either they can't build the project for the price tendered, OR, they just wanted to sabotage Japanese/Indo relationship.

I would not trust Joko to be upfront and honest, he's just as likely to shaft Japan a second time round in favour of China as the first time round. He speaks with a fork tongue.

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Better get used to spreading that good cheer via Zoom or Skype, 'cause you ain't getting let into Japan anytime soon...

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Massive kick in the gut for friendly and cooperative Japan.

No investment from a developed country to a developing is ever friendly and cooperative. They're just that, investments. I don't know what made Widodo switch, but loyalty is not a value in international (or any politics) as the only thing that's mostly considered are corporate gains.

I would not trust Joko to be upfront and honest,

Agree, but I would extend that to almost any politician. Geopolitics isn't where honesty or friendship are exercised. On the rare occasion a politician does care about their constituents, they still have to juggle the complicated interests of those who back them and the broader circumstances. To Widodo's credit, he was the one who was trying to prevent the Jakarta mayor from going to prison as his trial was clearly racially motivated.

But let's not pretend these are a bunch of friends meeting up to have party, or let's hope it isn't.

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Can’t believe Kishida is wearing a mask and Joko isn’t!

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I don’t know about that?

The airports in Vietnam were Japanese projects and not too shabby I thought

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The invasion and occupation of Indonesia by Japanese forces during the war saw 10 million people enslaved as forced labor to build bases in Java and 500,000 forced to relocate as far as Burma.

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I’ve spent so much time in Bandung. Yes, Indonesia shouldn’t have blind sided Japan with the Bandung rail project. But Indonesia is a strategic player and one of the few democracies in SE Asia. And Indonesians love Japan today. There are Sushi places almost on every corner and shopping mall.

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I don’t know about that?

Definitely, if I had to compare I would say Japanese rail and locomotive tech and quality is easily well ahead of comparably costed Chinese ones.

The only metric the Chinese could be better is programming, because they usually fund projects as well as build it, and projects are coordinated by one party.

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Love the mask Kishida san, maintaining the Japanese tradition.

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I doubt Indonesia will start purchase of Japanese foods again because of Fukushima disaster and release of treated radioactive water soon into the ocean wont increase the sale of seafood for Japan either.

I doubt that Vietnam or Thailand will be genuinely sincere of kishida visiting.

I doubt the Pope will not notice that Japan seeks to have its own Nuclear deterrence .

Attempting to deceive the world by saying Japan seeks a world free from Nuclear weapons whilst paying the USA military for Japan's national security and building alliances with other Nuclear armed nations.

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We cant expect the world to just forget imperial Japans previous actions in Asia because of Chinese rise.

The imperial royal family of Japan's legacy never ended and all official government and city and postal documents use the imperial system.

Japan's a fake democracy with imperialistic views that doesn't follow the so called rule of international law and order .

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The invasion and occupation of Indonesia by Japanese forces during the war saw 10 million people enslaved as forced labor to build bases in Java and 500,000 forced to relocate as far as Burma.

And a loud part of Japan's historiography treats it as "liberation" from Western powers.

Indonesia, however, has a terrible record of treating Indonesian people too, with no accountability so far. Be it Suharto's purges or atrocities in West Papua and then-occupied East Timor.

There really are no "good guys" here.

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Meetings like these is a waste of taxpayers money!

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Yes apparently the Japanese occupation did eventually help Indonesia to become independent from Dutch hegemony but the cost of Indonesian lives was atrocious.

So i wouldn't consider that liberating .

And then there's the Dominica republic and Haiti also

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@Kyo wa heiwa dayo ne

Even if it was, then it was just a side effect. Crediting Imperial Japan with SAE countries' independence is a bit like crediting Nazi Germany with liberating India because the war was too expensive for the UK to hold on to it.

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Ah, just more U.S. inspired China-bashing and paranoiac noise to rattle the small cages that so many Western and Westernized minds have become. How about America out of the Pacific given the ubiquity of its military all over the map? What has China done to in any way 'restrict' traffic through the South China Sea except to ask that WARSHIPS not transit its 'home' waters between Taiwan and the mainland whose width is much less than the Nihon claimed EEZ which Japan gets so testy about whenever into a designated 'bad guy' sets bow? I look forward to Chinese WARSHIPS transiting the Caribbean or the sea between Cuba and Florida and listening to the voice of Washington getting high and squeaky with indignation...but China won't because THEY are NOT troublemakers looking for trouble.

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@ William Bjornson....try Geography 101 first...China has ABSOLUTELY zero Pacific Coast coastline, by contrast, the USA has over 3,000+ miles of Pacific Ocean coastline.

Secondly, certainly from ALL newsworthy indications, ALL ASEAN countries appear to have issue(s) with China's encroachment upon their internationally recognized territorial claims.

And, finally let me say, No our military isn't ubiquitous, but we do have another asset for that job, CIA ..in conjunction with our "Five Eyes" for the record. But, we Americans do find a need to maintain strong deterrence posture to remind idiots worldwide, that we stand ready to defend our life, liberties, and our pursuits of happiness.....even as Russian & Chinese routinely test our NORAD borders with bombers and submarines. Not only affords us free speech, but even individuals such as yourself. You're welcome.

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Guess o misspoke on the 0 coastline , but excluding South & East China Seas, palls in comparison to US shoreline

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