Japan OKs asset freeze on Putin's daughters, 396 other Russians


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No more vodka and caviar!! Tragedy!!

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Many ? Invasions? Of other countries? Including but not limited to Russia and whatever country Agentx hails from , the freedoms they in Russia used to enjoy and the you Agentx enjoy was compliments of the USA. Defending an ally is not an invasion.

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"account for about 1.1 percent of the country's imports from Russia."

That's hard hitting sanctions for you. Not one percent of imports but 1.1%

The words window dressing come to mind but 1.1% isn't even window dressing. Its embarrassing.

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The only effect this will have is on the individuals involved in the few specific industries being sanctioned. It is actually worse than doing nothing because they will ruin some peoples livelihoods for absolutely nothing.

I don't support sanctions at all, but if you are going to do them, at least try harder than this.

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President Vladimir Putin's two daughters

No manga and anime for these ladies.

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The sins of the father should not be passed on to his daughters. What kind of assets do Putin‘s daughters have in Japan?

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The sins of the father most definitely should be passed on to all members of Putin's family, plus his close friends and acolytes, as these are the only ones who can speak to him in the strongest possible terms to pull-back from this madness, and make him hear the details of each and every persons life which he has caused to end, of every man, women or child horrifically maimed.

I can't understand why the plot in Moscow to have him liquidated is taking so long, but it has to happen - the steroids have made him impervious to reasoned discussions about his actions and his sanity.

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The sins of the father should not be passed on to his daughters. 

why not ? The money he stole from the Russian people was passed on to his daughters.

They’re each worth about $100 million

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 The measure for the banks will be implemented on May 12.

Not immediately, why? So that Russian banks can prepare?

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Japan must stop importing gas and oil from Russia and cancel all joint projects with Russia.

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This is getting too personal. Unfair.

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Does it even make sense for Japan to further sanction Russia..? Do these people actually think before making the decision? It's not in Japan's national interest to simply follow "orders" from US and sanction, yes, "other suppliers will be able to provide them", but at jacked up price, with so much inflation pressure and weakened yen, this will only put more pain on the Japanese people.

Learn from India, for entire 2021 they imported 16 mil barrel oil from Russia, for 1 month since war broke out, they already bought 13 mil, why? they buy at $35 a barrel, they actually think before acting, reducing the inflation pressure within the country, better the lives of their people.

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Vladimir Putin hides much of his assets with his family. It is a form of money laundering. Sanctioning his daughters ties down a lot of Mr. Putin's own wealth. It is a way to hurt him personally. There is also some poetic justice here. While people like Mr. Putin and his oligarch allies vilify the west Mr. Putin's daughters, the oligarchs and their families were living the good life in the west that is utterly unavailable to them in Russia. They claim to hate the west so passionately but are happy to live there (just like some J-T posters btw). See how much they like the winters in Moscow compared to the south of France, Spain or London.

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This is getting too personal. Unfair.

Madam have you seen what the Russians are doing to Ukraine? Maybe instead the western allies should do to a Russian city what the Russians have done to Mariupol? Would that meet your high standards of fairness?

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Have you ever noticed that some - perhaps paid in rubles? (still, and for the forseeable future, useless paper being artifically supported beyond reality by enforced conversion of 80% of foreign exchange money to rubles for international business) are extremely vocal about how support for Ukraine is all about the filthy rich, as some type of a class war against poor innocent Russia by evil elite capitalists? While they stay conveniently mum, in an article like this, showing filthy extreme capitalism in the hands of their elite rich and famous?

Wonder why?

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