Japan, Russia at odds over missile defense system


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Might loose a few more islands, definitely not getting the others back. Don't see why a groundwork meeting for a Dictator and Lame Duck are needed right now.

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Aegis Ashore is only protection system. Russian spy operators in Japan must. be giving inadequate info. KGB used to be top spy operator but recently it lost reputation in various countries. Officially, Japan is at war against Russia. Japan will take British side.

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'Japan's Taro Kono, meanwhile, asked for Russia's understanding, saying the system "will not pose a threat to any neighboring country, including Russia."'

I knew there would be a "please understand and cooperate" in there. Meanwhile, when Russia puts a missile system on its Kurile Islands, Japan goes ballistic and speaks of outrage and it being unacceptable, etc.

And as for the "no threat to Russia and only for NK missiles", the system still does place direct threat on Russia, same as Russian missiles threaten Japan, even though Russia could easily turn the tables and say, "please understand. They are not for Japan, they are for American missiles. Japan is perfectly safe."

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Given the gear Russia has, Aegis Ashore as its currently designed is next to useless in defending against Russia or China. If that's the aim, its a waste of money. Better to spend it on the development of hypersonics. Nothing to stop Japanese scientists joining teams in the U.S to achieve that goal while working on standardizing Japans military posture. The Russians know Aegis Ashore is hopeless against what they have, but they want to do everything they can to weaken Japan's alliance with the United States and this is just another element of it.

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Russia just want Japan to buy weapons from them, not from the US.


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It is not weapon. @Saba.

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when Russia puts a missile system on its Kurile Islands, Japan goes ballistic and speaks of outrage and it being unacceptable, etc.

The missile systems emplaced by Russia included anti-shipping systems. These are offensive not defensive systems. An anti-missile system is useless until an aggressor launches a missile at you.

Russia will always whinge about any upgrade to its neighbours defences as it is inately aggressive in its policy posture (along with NK and increasingly China).

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MOSCOW and Russia as a whole fortress has the most sophisticated and most numbers of missile defense systems in the world... that is why the US invented the world's first MIRV nuclear force.

The history is repeating itself but it is now the other way around.

Russia has more offensive weapons that most probably penetrate all existing US Missile Defense Systems.

Why Russia is so concerned about the nearly useless Missile Defense System (anti-missile-missile) of the USA?

Well, though Russia knows that the anti-missile-missile or anti-missile-projectiles are nearly useless, the RADAR and the accompanying Satellite Systems of the missile defense systems (Aegis and the like) are not useless at all. Those RADAR and Satellite can detect incoming missiles from the launch pad.... giving time for the USA to respond with TRIAD.... just like in the Cuban Crisis when when 1/3 of the 28,000 Nuclear warheads of the USA were up in the air all the time ready to go to USSR (if ever a single nuclear warhead from USSR is ever detonated).

Future LASER-mounted anti-missile systems and visually-and-optically guided anti-missile LASER systems in the future maybe be invented in the near future so pre-positioning of RADAR as part of the Missile Defense Systems is necessary to surround Russia and China. This is the reason why Russia is concerned ... watching and sniffing Missile Defense Systems in its backyard.... with promising future technology in anti-missile. There is no doubt that at present it is useless but who has the guts to fire a nuclear missile in a known useless defense system when there is there is mutually-assured destruction? If 100% effective anti-missile-missile and 100% effective anti-missile-LASER is already available, RUSSIA and CHINA will never allow it at all cost.

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I understand where Russia is coming from. Russia do not want an American missile defense system in their region. However, Russia must also understand where Japan is coming from. Japan cannot make its own missile defense system of such capabilities and without proper protection, Japan may come under attack by neighboring nations such as North Korea and China. I do not see why Russia would be helping North Korea. As for China, I do not believe Russia would mobilize troops to aid China in invading Japan or allies in the near future. Getting the missile defense system from Russia doesn't work because China might be using it already and know all the strengths and weaknesses. Japan will be at a disadvantage. Hopefully, Russia will come to understand that Japan is not arming itself with an American missile defense system to anger Russia or have any intentions of seeking conflict with Russia. The missile defense system is solely for protection purposes.

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