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Japan, S Korea to work together on tackling global issues


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Japan will deepen cooperation with South Korea to tackle global issues,

I think tackle isn't the appropriate word

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can’t even tackle the korean fish ban, real global issues might be a stretch.

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the two leaders also agreed to work together in addressing North Korea's nuclear and missile threats

It's reassuring to read that the leaders agreed to work together, but worrying that loose cannon North Korea, created by Stalin with help from Mao in an era when the world was trying to put itself back together after years of global warfare, remains an obstacle to regional harmony, also worrying that NK has shown it keeps close connections to the Russian Federation and its partner China, both nations that have been stirring up discord in the region and around the globe.. Stay strong and together Japan and South Korea, two democratic nations that have rebuilt themselves after WW2, and whose respective peoples have had dramatic improvements in quality of life, compared with populations in totalitarian North Korea, China and the RF.

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Not going to solve world problems, but a very significant example of Japan-South Korea relations having moved beyond that of the last few decades. While a minority of South Koreans who have been raised under anti-Japan education continue, the nation of South Korea has politically and diplomatically ended being a de facto puppet of North Korea and it's backer China.

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Iam happy they are cooperating to address regional disputes and issues

Using the word 'tackle' must be a translation misunderstanding or something

Japan and south Korea are important to the stability of the Asia-Pacific region .

Japan however is still struggling to be fully accepted internationally and mostly due to its historical actions , archaic laws , inequality and xenophobia /phobias

Nonetheless congratulations to Japan and South Korea to be cooperating more closely

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In a related news, the forced laborer foundation has declares it has run out of funds and has pleaded with Kishida to allow Japanese corporations to fund it. No Korean Corporation will fund it due to their fear of the opposition Democratic party, which is 8 seats short of the absolute majority(66%) and has threatened to prosecute any corporation that contribute to Yoon's forced laborer foundation fund when they take back the presidency.

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Mr Goodman

Today 06:55 am JST

Japan will deepen cooperation with South Korea to tackle global issues,

> I think tackle isn't the appropriate word

What do you suggest?

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Good talking boys

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What do you suggest?

Addressing !

Because tackling is taking total control of something

Japan and South Korea aren't in control of global issues or capable of resolving global issues by themselves

Tackling regional issues i could understand - but 'global' ? Not even

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