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Japan, South Korea agree to continue dialogue on export controls


Japan and South Korea have agreed to continue dialogue on export controls, the two countries said on Wednesday, a day after they held their second round of senior-level talks since Tokyo imposed curbs on exports to its neighbor of technological materials.

In separate statements released after the talks held via a video conference call, the two countries' trade ministries said they would continue dialogue to resolve pending issues including Japan's export curbs.

Japan imposed curbs on exports to South Korea of three materials used to make semiconductors in July last year, threatening a pillar of the South Korean economy and the global supply chain of chips.

The two countries have agreed to hold the next round of talks in South Korea, they said in their statements.

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“Let's go to Korea”… Rush of Japanese semiconductor material producer

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It is time, Asia gets togather. japan learn that U are part of Asia. What is yr best friend trump doing to help ???.

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Wow, this is good and all, but let’s just see where this goes. And also, I wonder how the coronavirus will affect these talks?

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