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Japan, S Korea in talks with U.S to avert damage from Iran sanctions

By Kaori Kaneko and Jane Chung

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Doesn't matter, the US government is beholden to Israel and will proceed with Israel's plans for Iran regardless of the damage to the US or to US allies.

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Sanctions against Iran don't really harm the USA, so Trump won't hear anything. SK and JP should tell the USA to stop importing Venezuelan oil, so the USA feels some pain too.

I spoke with an Iranian in excile from her country last week. She said that the people want a democratic-republic without the religious people in charge. She said that society isn't free, because you can be arrested for stating facts in public. I thought that was an interesting take on whether a society is free or not. Iran is not a free society.

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I do not understand why Iran is an arch-enemy of U.S.

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@sch. 1 plus 1 equals two.

Israel plus oil equals WW3.

Proof that one plus one equals three.

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SchopenhauerToday 08:06 am JST

I do not understand why Iran is an arch-enemy of U.S.

Because it's an arch enemy of Israel. And the current administration is more pro-Israel than any before.

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north american and european leaders have already figured tRump out. as per usual, asians are slow to recognize reality. notable exception being the chinese, of course. they're playing 3-dimensional chess while trump thinks the game is hopscotch.

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Honest question. Why should sovereign countries be beholden to the whims of america and it's lackey israel?

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Doesn't the U.S export oil now? Perhaps of the type needed. There is always Russia....although I imagine the Crimea sanctions still play a role?

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Trump makes an impossible demand. When he gets an idea in his head he only has a tunnel vision on the issue and then expects everyone to follow without question otherwise the bullying starts, just like he just did with Harley Davidson, threatening to tax the company more if they produce their bikes outside of America. Which of course he can't even do.

Even before the Iran nuclear deal, Japan was exempt by the pervious administration and allowed to import low sulphur oil but only amounts to 9% of total Japanese oil imports.

The EU, Russia and China have agreed to hold the Iran nuclear deal and any sanctions from them against Iran will endanger the deal, which Trump would also like to happen. They need to tell Trump to back off. America imports zero Iranian oil.

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Yes, what Zichi-san said. Maybe Abe can find a sneeky way to get Iranian oil, like secretly buying it from China or India, who are less beholden to Trump and his whims. Or maybe do one of those mid-sea ship to ship exchange operations like North Korea is said to do. Or better, start developing the technology to start accessing all that undersea oil around Okinawa.

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Or better, start developing the technology to start accessing all that undersea oil around Okinawa.

Why don't they do that already? Surely over the long term it would be cheaper? I could be wrong. I have no idea about extraction costs etc.

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Low sulphur oil is used for cleaner during diesel. There are other source other than Iran. Better to work toward eliminating diesel and building hybrids instead.

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This will become a good excuse to restart nuclear power stations in Japan.

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Leaders like Trump exemplify the need for Japan to find new allies. Ally more closely with the EU, Australia, and India.

Of course, the better solution would have been to, starting 70 years ago, slowly reduce the reliance on fossil fuels.

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Why should other countries energy policies be dictated by the US since Trump unilaterally walked away from the Iran N deal whilst all the allies who are a party to the deal didnt want him to?

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Korea and Japan will ask to be the exception like Japan always does. Dump will say yes as long as he can get some good press or praise. He is like young girl with low self-esteem willing to sacrifice their dignity to get likes on Facebook.

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The Cheato is not Japan’s best friend. The Cheato is best friends with whoever Praises his Orange head. Therefore, if Japan wants to kowtow to the dump, that’s their right. But they shouldn’t expect anything from it.. I mean, him. Japan needs new friends. Like China.

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No need for oil anymore. First there was whale oil and war.then oil and war. Next water and war.

How about solar and organic food production?

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Limiting the supply of fossil fuel means higher prices at the pump. Means that the US oil industry will profit and the people of the world will suffer. Japan and the Republic of Korea will suffer under this Trump disaster. I think the price of crude oil will be above 100 US dollars a barrel. Might even be a shortage of crude oil in Japan and the Republic of Korea. Our ally in the USA is dead set to ruin our economies. Remember Trump is about America first and make their allies suffer.

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Oil is Japan's largest single fuel import and the prime energy. It accounts for 46% of total imports.

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Just got a text from my friend who manages a gas station in town telling me to fill up tonight as the price of gas is going up ¥5 from tomorrow. Amazing how that happens! There is no reason in hell to gouge the customer as the ban hasn't even gone into effect. But we will pay for Trump's blustering and ill thought out ideas.

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Schopenhauer Today 08:06 am JSTI do not understand why Iran is an arch-enemy of U.S.

The USA backing the Shah wasn't the smartest thing, so the Iranian people had cause to be upset.

Then Iran didn't stop some University students from holding 52 Americans as hostages for 444 days until Reagan was President. Relations have been adversarial ever since then.

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They wil soon be major buyers of oil from the US then.

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Japan should just ignore the big US bully. There is no valid reason to stop doing business with Iran.

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The United States is demanding countries cut all imports of Iranian oil from November,

The US says jump and we say how high?

Just because Trump welched on the deal, doesn't mean everyone else has to follow him down the abyss.

And I guess this what happens when countries rely on fossil fuels. Time to get serious about alternative energy sources.

Surely Japan should be using geothermal energy, at the very least. Iceland manages to harness it pretty well.

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The Japanese oil imports are largely for cars. The low sulphur is diesel for trucks.

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Surely Japan should be using geothermal energy

USA made it impossible.  USA does everything and anything to prevent Japan from independent from USA.

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“Japan, S Korea in talks with U.S to avert damage from Iran sanctions” Talk is cheap, Japan may have to give up a lot to get so little, that is Trump’s deal-making way. Agreements or deals mean nothing to the US any more. The US reneged on the Iran deal and wanted the allies to suffer. It is time for Japan and S Korea to move away from the US just like the Philippines. This is the turning point for the US, it is in its last breath. So, Japan should not beg but stand tall.

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