Japan, U.S., S Korea call on N Korea to return to arms talks


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I always feel pessimistic about such talks. North Korea thinks possessing nuclear weapons and building missiles to carry them are essential for their survival as a nation. Could the six-party talks persuade North Korea that was not a right course for them? Could former U.S. President Donald Trump's flattery diplomacy achieve anything?

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If Japan and S. Korea was convinced by the USA not to have their own Nuclear weapons because we will be under American Umbrella.

So can North Korea, can feel safe that China will offer it's Nuclear Umbrella, including helping them in the past when North Korea decided to be the aggressor and try to conquer S.Korea.

North Korea already has it's own big brother, big superpower willing to jump in and save them. Under the same communist ideology, sharing a border with CCP China.

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Wow. South Korea actually working with Japan on a common goal! I guess that's a good thing but the common goal is pointless. North Korea is nuts, makes false promises and never follow through with anything.

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The last time Bukhan in the person of Great Leader Kim, who INITIATED the offer of negotiation with the trump, trusted the sincerity of America, America in the person of trump spit in his face. trump used Mr Kim as a media 'distraction' from the contemporaneous Stormy Daniels revelations in the first meeting and, like the Human reptile he is, was all smiles and Hail Fellow, Well Met! But once he didn't need the distraction anymore, he stalled and stalled and, finally nagged into a second meeting, he walked in, snarled, and walked out. Why should Bukhan think that this time will be any different? There are TWO sides here and seeing only one makes Jack a very DULL boy, dull enough to hire a psychopathic moron as their Chief Executive.

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North Koreans cannot be trusted.

Short of a Coalition of the Willing going in and taking out their WMDs - what good are talks going to do? While they are propped up by their Communist big brother, NK are not going to give up their nukes.

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 sharing a border with CCP China

NK also shares a border with Russia, recall it was Stalin who hand-selected the first Kim, Kim il sung, the USSR and Russia have been involved in and supportive of NK for decades, starting with the mess left after the Japanese empire was defeated, Japan, China, Russia/USSR and theUSA made a hash of the Korean Peninsula. like other empires before them did in other parts of the planet.

And continue to do today. look at Iraq and Syria plus nations in Europe (including former SSRs) , Africa and the Americas for more examples of empires creating messes and then leaving the messes behind.

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NK are not going to give up their nukes.

I can think of very few nations that, in the face of an enemy with nuclear weapons, would give up their own nuclear arsenal. Not saying it is impossible, but that is akin to putting down your weapon first in a standoff. It's why that whole arms race has occured.

Especially given the respective track records. I don't see what would actually get NK to disarm short of the US doing so first or having its own revolution. Neither which seem likely to me in my lifetime.

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What I think in a fair way is: S. and N. Korea have to frankly talk their opinions, e.g., NK: Why does your military training compounds foreign forces (basically USA) to aim us an enemy? SK: Why did you have to completely invade us in the past to conquer us with your ideological slogan? And, USA, Japan, China and Russia should be observers to find more resolutions in table talk, without interventions.

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North Korea has China, Russia protecting and helping, they don't cares Japan! Many South Koreans feels happy as well!

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Trump kept North Korea under control and things were actually looking quasi hopeful for the first time in forty years. This "administration" if you could call it that couldn't direct traffic let alone trade negotiations with the Mad Dog of Asia

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Of course North Korea shall never return to negotiation table! North Korean armed forces were using old Soviet weapons of 60s:T62 tanks, Mig21/23 fighters with a handful Mig29s. Some of their artillery were WW2 caliber. And their submarines were mostly the midget one...etc. The North Korean has nothing rated as modernized except their ballistic missiles were the lethal deterrent! If I am "K.J." , I won't shed a mere discussion about nukes!

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Why, so Japan can derail it by saying the abduction issue is the priority and then NK walking out of the room on the high road?

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Talks talks talks Lil Kim response Missiles Missiles missiles!! Nothing changes!!

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Then what next???.

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We all saw to Gaddafi when he abandoned his nuclear program after receiving various promises from the West. If North Korea has any sense it will not give up its nuclear weapons. Perhaps America could show good faith by unilaterally giving up its own nukes.

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Talking about doing something about it is truly pathetic.

Its time to make something happened and stop something from happening.

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NK also shares a border with Russia, recall it was Stalin who hand-selected the first Kim, Kim il sung, the USSR and Russia have been involved in and supportive of NK for decades, starting with the mess left after the Japanese empire was defeated, 

And yet Kim Il-Sung would loathe both Nikita Kruschev and Leonid Brezhnev. After the Soviets abandoned their mutual defense treaty as Chines troops crossed into Vietnam in 1979 Kim Sr and his son and grandson greatly distrusted the Soviets and later Russia. Kim also despised Mao. Kim saw the Cultural Revolution as hugely destabilizing for both China and North Korea. Later when the US approached Mao to slowly restore diplomatic relations, Kim demanded Mao make the removal of US forces from the Korean peninsula the price for normalized relations. Mao ignored Kim and Kim hated Mao for that. Since then no Chinese leader has really earned DPRKs trust and worry both Russia and China would abandon them were the US and South Korea to invade.

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