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Japan, U.S., S Korea unite on N Korea; Pompeo brushes off 'gangster' claim


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""People are going to make stray comments after meetings," Pompeo said. "If I paid attention to the press, I'd go nuts."

Exactly, exactly. If you believe the legacy media, Trump is pure evil and the most incompetent president in history even though he got Kim to stop firing rockets and to step across the DMZ and sign papers saying he's going to denuke. Kim knows if he doesn't he's going to be taken out.

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"Gangster!" Now that really is the pot calling the kettle black!

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What a farce and circus this whole 'denuclearization' nonsense turned out to be, expectedly.

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Kim's 'signed papers' promising denuking are pretty much word for word with what NK has said many times before going back to his father's time at the helm. Without action, they're worth little more than toilet paper in a train station.

The reason that Trump is incompetent isn't for meeting with Kim. It's for the dog and pony show he put on, heaping praise on Kim's head and more. He nearly fawned over Kim, like he has most of the autocratic despots that he admires (such as Putin).

That's the key difference between Trump's 'summit' and what Obama wanted to do. Obama said "meet" not 'fawn over like an otaku at an AKB48 concert.' Trump also showed his incompetence by basically claiming victory long before even the first step towards victory was ever taken. People rightly lambaste W for his 'Mission Accomplished' carrier landing stunt and speech... yet somehow, Trump trumped his bombastic jumping the gun.

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Meanwhile japan is buying state of the art stealth bombers, missiles, aegis, and keeping our nuke bomb materials.

Time for NK to mass produce and test. Or it will be too late for 28m NK civilians.

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Time for all to denuclearize! Why have weapons of mass destruction, it should be a one on one match between the presidents and then we call it a day so ordinary people don't need to pay the price of war.

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The question will the USA respond to a nuclear attack by attacking the perp country? I say they will not risk their cities by starting a nuclear exchange. Our treaty with the USA is useless! The American will just move their troops and occupy Japan.

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Pompeo brushes off 'gangster' claim - as gangsters do. History proves US prefers war over diplomatic solutions.

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