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Japan asks Britain to minimize negative Brexit impact

By Kimimasa Mayama

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C’mon Japan. There will be no negative impact from Brexit. Stop listening to globalist propaganda.

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You can’t “ask” Britain anything, they have no clue what they are doing. Only hope is Jeremy.

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Sweet.  Like asking a dog to control its fleas.

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Japanese worrywarts needn't fret. A divorce from the EU has no more substance than a wet dream of blue passports, unicorns and spotty pale-skinned little englanders waving union jacks in a green and pleasant land with nary a "Johnny Foreigner" to be seen. Fortunately, more and more British people are beginning to wake up to the realization that Brexit was a hoax from the start, just another twisted right-wing con job on a gullible public that could never become a reality..

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What exactly is Abe asking?

Many international cmpanies are based in the UK and are not asking anything.

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Only hope is Jeremy.

I take it you're not referring to the Jeremy in the article. Although I'm not sure the other one is any better.

Many international cmpanies are based in the UK and are not asking anything.

Right. They're just getting out.

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