Japan envoy pick Emanuel says he did nothing improper over Chicago teen shooting


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All of America knows he is an idiot politician out only for himself. Tells a lot about Joe Biden if he is confirmed.

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Rahm’s known to love Pocky and J businesses so much, they moved their N. American HQ’s along with Beam Suntory to Chicago.

Perhaps @Good, you can also teach him some Japanese like that daily catchphrase: “It's over. お疲れ様” ?:

@Good 6:48am: “But does he like corn and pineapple on his pizza?” -

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The headline of this article is disingenuous. I'm not even the least bit a Rahm fan, but the last two articles seem like muckraking.

What are the actual consequences for Japan if he gets the job?

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Chicago has nothing to do with Japan. It's a moot point. Chicago has always been a cesspool. It doesn't matter who the mayor is or was.

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Rahm is the latest in a long line of patronage appointments to this post. It is a reward for being a good boy and loyal party supporter. Meanwhile, here is the bio of his counterpart, the Japanese ambassador to the United States:

Ambassador Koji Tomita has previously served as the Japanese Ambassador to the State of Israel. He was appointed as an Ambassador following his extensive mission in US related positions, having served as Director-General of the North American Affairs Bureau and prior to that as the Deputy Chief of the Japanese Mission in Washington DC.

Earlier in his career, as a Minister, Ambassador Tomita directed the political sections of the Japanese Embassies in the UK and in Korea. He had key roles in the Foreign Policy Bureau, including policy coordination and national security policy, at the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan.

The Ambassador has been dedicated to the Foreign Ministry since 1981. He studied at the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law and trained at Oxford University in the UK. He is also the author of a book "Churchill: Leadership in Crisis" in Japanese. Ambassador Tomita is married and is the father of two daughters and a son.

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I want nothing to do with this guy.

“A grave tragedy occurred seven years ago, to this day, on the streets of the city of Chicago, and that tragedy sits with me, as it has every day and every week for the last seven years,”

That is absolutely a lie. This dude does nothing but.....

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Rahm Emanuel said Wednesday he did nothing improper...


Mealy mouthed Emanuel is one of the reasons why millions of Americans now distrust establishment pols from the Democratic side of the aisle. His hand-picked appointment by "safe-hands" Biden to a sinecure in Tokyo belies all the "reform" rhetoric of his boss. With Emanuel's confirmation Biden's "progressive" clown mask will have slipped down further; the face of American democracy is looking uglier by the day.

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This is likely a move to get Emanuel as far away from American politics as possible.

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A repugnant man, whom even 99% of his own party want nothing to do with. He must be owed major favors/have incriminating dirt on important players in the Democratic Party to be getting this post.

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My beef with Emanuel is that, although he was born in the United States of America, he served in the Israeli Defense Forces. He should have lost his U.S. citizenship and should have never been elected to the U.S. House of Representatives and then as Chief of Staff in the Obama Administration, and after as Mayor of the City of Chicago.

His loyalty is not with the United States of America and should not represent We the People of the United States of America in Japan or anywhere else.

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Mr. Emanuel is the correct choice for Japan. He will be instrumental in guiding the country's leadership as together they will achieve the international goal of fundamentally changing that nation's society.

-14 ( +1 / -15 )

Yamada- good point. And if he's not looking after the U.S.'s interests, he sure isn't going to look after Japan's.

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Rahm Emmanuel is completely devoid of ethics and amoral. Mayor Rahm buried evidence of murder. What more need be said about his reign, as he lorded over a city he knew nothing about nor cared about other than his career and increasing his wealth. He followed his pattern, skimming profits off of contracts, misdirecting large sums of money through fraud & tricks of accounting, not only ignored the majority population but stripped away public recourses intended for the public good. 

His declaration to the contrary, he hid evidence of a fatal shooting, until after the election. The Black community vote is essential to being elected. A policeman shooting an unarmed Black youth, in the back, would have dire consequences prior to the election.

As if that is the only problem with Emmanuel. He lacks diplomatic skills and he negotiates like a sullen, narcissistic adolescent.

Rahm’s reign as mayor, has come to symbolize the deceit and treachery of leaders who claim they’re looking out for us when, in fact, they’re looking out for number one. The man may be the worst mayor Chicago ever had.  He became mayor because white north-side liberals lined up like lemmings. And then Black voters fell in line partly because of all those commercials Obama did on Rahm’s behalf

Everything about Rahm’s reign as mayor was cloaked in deceit—starting with his elevation to the position.

He announced his candidacy at roughly the same time President Obama was looking for a way to kick him out of the White House, where he’d been chief of staff, apparently because Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett couldn’t stand him. Having served as Obama's hatchet-man and 'muscle' - he outlived his purpose and was put out to pasture - sending him off o Chicago where he was rewarded with boons by those who emplace Obama in power. He served the interests of the elite and himself.

Rahm just may be the most despised Democrat in the country. And now he wants to resurrect his tarnished reputation—and maybe make some key business contacts for future deals—by being named ambassador to Japan, a country he probably knows even less about than he knew about Chicago when he became mayor.

Absolutely no good will come from Emmanuel becoming ambassador. He is a foul and vile creature with a legacy of corruption and misdeeds. Never has he worked to serve the common good.

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never admits when he's done something wrong

never apologizes

He'll do VERY WELL in Japan.

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The guy is just an embarrassment and disaster.

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IF Rahm is picked he will only strengthen his pockets with China. If you ask Joe Biden he will only say he can't recall what Rahm did as mayor in chicago. Bidens famous words "Here's the Deal" this guy makes more deals than Monty Hall did on Lets Make A Deal! Rahm says “My top priority will be to deepen these ties while we confront our common challenges," Emanuel told the committee. “China aims to conquer through division. America’s strategy is security through unity. That regional unity is built on the U.S.-Japan alliance." He priority as major of Chicago was to do nothing, instead of deepening ties within the communities of color he divided them and police trust became mute, there was no unity. The only ties he is looking forward to is getting closure to China to safe guard Biden and his son's financial fortunes they have already procured.

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