Japan hopes for early easing of tensions in Gaza, Kishida tells Israel president


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Israel current Government of vicious racists will listen to no one....not even the Enabler in Chief,, the mighty USA.

Gods chosen people sure making a mockery of God.

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Hope springs eternal.

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And our tax money goes to paying for these useless meetings! I demand a refund!

If any business ran itself on hopes and dreams they would be bankrupt before opening their doors!

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A somewhat pointless meeting and would probably be better if Japan stayed right out of this conflict. Agreed Yubaru. Complete waste of money for just a photo opp. My guess is Kishida is hoping it will help raise his popularity ratings somehow.

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"... tensions in Gaza"

Just call it what it is. Collective punishment at minimum.

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Japan is a minor player in the world…

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He should've brought him back and prosecuted him for genocide. Hopefully next time!

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Pledges, hopes, and urges mean nothing.

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In the group photo at the conference, Kishida was placed right at the back whilst Macron was right at the front-obviously Japan is not that important…

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USA ambassador to japan is a right wing Jew. Kishida grew up in the US. 6500 Palestinians dead, thousands of little children injured with no medication allowed by Israel.

I wonder if he will supply financial aid to Israel?

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Opps, 6700 Palestinian children blown to pieces or crushed by rubble.

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Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida told Israeli President Isaac Herzog Friday that he hopes tensions in Gaza would ease as soon as possible

well, that’ll change things for sure then……

maybe he should go to NK and tell Kim, I hope all the tensions there would ease as well?

maybe Kishida will end all world wars…..

what a waste of time and money.

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hopes tensions in Gaza would ease

Shouldn't he demand immediate withdrawal, and freeze Israeli assets?

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There is currently very little "holy" about the Holy Land. Both sides should be ashamed of themselves.

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COWARDS, nothing but COWARDS.

Israeli knows exactly where Hamas leaders are at, If Netanyahu and his war MONGERS want to eliminate Hamas as they claims, they should go after them and stop the killing of WOMEN CHILDREN and PRE MATURE BABIES.

The same goes to Hamas, but they wont do it BCZ. they know that they will not survive the next 24 hours, and so they kill WOMEN and CHILDREN instead to save their owns.

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Kishida called the resumption of fighting "regrettable,"

Children being murdered by the IDF?

And it’s just ‘regrettable’ ?

How spineless Kishida is.

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