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Japan may face Trump's heat as currency manipulator

By Leika Kihara

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QE isn't about currency manipulation, rather creating liquidity that will hopefully find itself being invested or loaned, while providing lower costs of capital.

The yen has actually been quite strong over these many years, while QE was in high gear. Remember when the currency manipultion accusers - including people on this board -- predicted 200 or even 300 yen to the dollar? LOL.

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So what American products do we really need? We need sanctions against them.

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So what American products do we really need?

iPhones :)

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Actually when I traveled around to Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden, I realized more that the yen was quite weak.

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Before Abe took PM in 2012, 1 dollar was about 70 yen. Now 1 dollar is about 105 yen. Averagely speaking, every Japanese lost 30% treasures under Abe leadership, in addition to the loss of $ 1 trillion GDP.

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All part of a concerted push against the various Asian mercantilist regimes designed to totally disabuse them of the notion that racking up trade surpluses from here to kingdom come courtesy of market manipulation, a la Japan, is the way to go. Failure to heed the warning signals and acknowledge the primacy of reciprocity is going to result in a world of pain for any who try it.

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Was it I who, with my overly simple-minded (not just simplified) guessing claimed that Aso was devaluing the yen, inspired Mr. Trump's gross mistake in that direction? Alas, that on FB it is so easy to go to print!. . . . . . . . . . . .

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There is only one rule about economics as far as I know: no matter how well you think you understand the markets and the economies, the persons are still free to confound everything. That's why we need so many smart economics scholars and theorists (whom I have never read) to divine the winds and valleys of the basis to see how the persons themselves are likely to be urged to go.

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Trump had been accusing China as currency manuplater for years. It is time for him to accse Japan now. He is not familiar with Asian industry or natural resources. He might create tariffs on iron and aluminum and cars from Japan. Because Japanese do not wear Ivanka industries' clothes.

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