Japan may send Abe's adviser to China to prepare for summit


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Thanks to big hearted China forgave Abe again, given what he did to China since his second come. Abe should take the second chance seriously, restore the relationship with China as quick as possible.

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If Abe goes to Beijing and take selfies with Xi but treats our only neighbor that is very Japan-friendly and democratic then who would trust Japan in the future?

Many nations would then say that if Tokyo continues to treats ROC-Taiwan in a shoddy way in favor of China then there's a big chance that Tokyo could also do the same thing to their country.

Nippon's credibility would then suffer and nobody will then give a damn when the Liaoning docks in The Senkakus.

Abe refusing to make the decent and honorable Bushido move to re-establish full diplomatic ties with TW will forever make us a puppet of Red China.

No guts, no honor.

No Japan.

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Taiwan is a part of China since ancient times.

But Taiwan is not part of China's corrupt communist dictatorship. Taiwan has elections, China has slaves.

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Taiwan is a part of China since ancient times. Taiwan was attached to the mainland geographically long ago, Taiwan people were from mainland people long ago, Taiwan has been protected by mainland armed forces from foreign occupation, no foreign troops on Taiwan land, that is called sovereignty.

Does Japan have honor ? No. Japan recognizes China as the only govt, yet still help Taiwan separation group against mainland. Shame.

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This is deeply embarrassing and regrettable.

Abe should send his advisers to very Japan-friendly democratic ROC-Taiwan first to arrange a meeting with President English Tsai so that full diplomatic ties could be re-established.

Going to communist China first and snubbing TW is very Un-Japanese and against the Bushido principle.

Shinzo should be ashamed of himself.

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