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Japan plans to cancel defense port call in S Korea


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If you were cynical, you might think this was an outcome they wanted for some strange reason.

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I guess the US must be frustrated with these two countries and China would be happy about this...

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Abe needs a new boogeyman and will.do almost anything to see to it that the two Koreas never work together. By increasing tensions, next step will be trying to conflate the two countries and ramp up the fear factor by ten so the sheepish masses can continue to support the single party monotony on government. Simple as that.

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SK declared war on Japan by locking on to an unarmed surveillance plane. Period!

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Japan needs to get off its high horse, and South Korea needs to grow up and stop eternally playing the victim card. The rest of the world is bored with both parties perennial tantrums.

I am offended and my feelings have been hurt, Some of my ancestors were inconvenienced by the Romans, I demand that the Italian government immediately and comprehensively apologise and compensate me, they must adopt right thinking in this matter!

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My feeling is for the victims and against nationalism that allows rape of women for war.

i think that it won’t work for just SK to explain to the world the damage of their women and girls raped. It just sounds like politics.

many conflicts in many countries have suffered rape as a weapon of war. It should be an international effort. Rwanda, Yugoslavia, ...so many countries. This has to be wiped out collectively

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The claim of the Japanese government and the JSD on the possible radar lock-on was refuted by their own former Chief of Staff of Japan's Air Self-Defense Force as early as on December 21, the next day of the incident.

https://twitter.com/toshio_tamogami/status/1076127935558340609 (Japanese)

https://ironna.jp/article/11560 (Japanese)

https://www.reddit.com/r/korea/comments/a8sje0/a_rightwing_history_revisionist_and_former/ (English)

It is marvelous that the Japanese government could have managed to manipulate their citizens and provoke S. Korean responses without showing any single evidence for more than a month so far. Certainly, Ave deserves a landslide victory in the upcoming double elections.

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I'm sure this has nothing to do with South Korea's recent attempts to extort another couple of million dollars out of Japan.

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