Japan still regards ties with U.S. as 2nd to none amid thaw with China

By Tomoyuki Tachikawa

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Cogito Ergo Sum:

Even if the bilaeral relations between Canada and the U.S. are as you say, does either country house a third counry military to defend its security to the estent that Japan does? In addition to its own military, does either country house 88 bases and facilities with the bulk (area-wise) concentrated in one area?

And these foreign military bases are like self-sufficient units complete with housing for families, schools, shopping and recreation centers, and what not?

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Yes, but for how much longer?

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While everybody seems to be comfortable with Yasukuni, what a drag is foreign diplomacy on these lonely islands.

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Good relations between countries remain so on different distinct planes, which may or may not affect each other. Just to give you an example :- Canada would be considered a VERY good friend, partner and neighbor to the US, but , I'm 100% sure Canada has an invasion plan for the US somewhere . So does the US for Canada.

Countries ready themselves on "....if they chose to. ..." ( the worst scenarios) hypothesis and do what it takes to mitigate that. China and Japan too can have good relationship but won't mean that if a situation arose they won't draw the sword. Ideally all countries should be lovey-dovey, but the reality is different.
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Japan still regards ties with U.S. as 2nd to none amid thaw with China

Exceot when it comes to the US bases in Japan, of course.

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Business is business !

As long as the CCP is still in charge of China, not many can trust and feel safe as neighbor.

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Japan has a long way to go to learn from China.

Yeah, because the world should be like China right?

What a joke. When your country becomes free, then you people will be able to say that the world has something to learn from China. But right now China is a dictatorship with a leader-for-life in Winnie-the-Xi. We have no intention of becoming like China, and China needs to become like the rest of the world, where people are free to speak their minds, and have a choice in their leaders.

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There's no disputing that mutual friendship between Japan and the U.S. must be maintained, but certainly not in the current form. 

The current bilateral relationship is like that between a vassal and a suzerain with the latter's domineering military presence kept intact in the former's territory as if to safeguard the vested interests the latter  won as a result of World War Two.

This abnormal state of affairs must end if true friendly ties were ever to be maintained eternally.

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Since you usually find people disagreeing with you like 20/1, I think I should explain many peoples problem with the “great, wise, benevolent, and generous China that you so love.

The reason most disagree is that most FEAR China. China oppresses its own. It surpresses information, takes away individual rights, and crushes dissent. It is a one party state and anyone can be killed, tortured, dissapeared, and the same done to that information afterward.

In the future that is a scary scary reality. We do not wish to fall under that umbrella.

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Competition is healthy, 'collaboration' translates to reverse engineering our technology, as they already have done with our shinkansen.

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I’m suppossed to believe that a recent meeting is gunna sway the last 70 years? This is simply a headline.

A headline by a LDP friendly media that is sending this weeks new message.

Btw this is the perfect response to Trumps tarrifs.

World No 1 imposes sanctions on rival World Number 2 and friend Number 3.

2 and 3 turn around and sign a new deal themselves.

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150 years ago, Japan started modernization with Maiji Restoration. Being a neighbour, China never disrupted it. In fact, Chinese people were inspired by it. That is called big: big heart and big mind. Confucius said 2500 years ago, don't do to others that you don't like others do to you. Has Japan really learned from the teaching ?

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When USA tariffs destroy Japanese economy, he will disappear with a stomachache. People will suffer but we will still have US bases.

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If China promotes One Belt One Road, with Japanese, litter free, mostly train future, approach as well it could be a very good thing, and better for the Planet than spreading American car and litter consumerism.

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Japan is a strong nation. But being a strong doesn't necessarily mean big. Being a big nation, doesn't necessarily mean great. In that sense, Japan has a long way to go to learn from China. China has been strong and big and great for 5000 years, never threatened Japan, nor occupied Japan. Philosophically, Japan and China is very different: one worships strength, one worships graciousness.

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Tribal mentality, as simple as that. Why would Japan have to change anything with other nations ? China has a good relationship with US, at the same time has a good relationship with Japan. China also has a good relationship with Russia, never at the cost of Japan. To have a good relationships with everybody is what leaders will do. The sun has a good relationship with the earth, has the moon complained ?

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Strongly agree that current stances and balances of Japan are excellent. There are a little trouble with large countries about economics.

Much Japanese industries contribute to worldwide growth.

Nowadays global economies are very complex, Trump’s America-first may boost their own unemployment ratios because Japan’s firms have been promoting employment strongly in US.

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Shinzo looks very lonely up there.

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Japan's weakness is our pacifist constitution. Until we change it and defend our country by ourselves, we will not be able to deal with foreign countries squarely - China as well as U.S.

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I am really happy to read this report. USA will forever be the cornerstone of Japan's foreign policy. Number one friends, booming economies, same feelings on most issues, shared military tech, strong Leaders, and a belief in Freedom and Democracy stronger than all other Nations.

Trade with PRC if the terms are good for Japan, but PRC economy is weak and coming to a crash.

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Japan most certainly should improve economic relations with China. They are economically powerful enough not to be "gobbled up" like third world countries. But there's no way that Japan will ever become politically close to China as long as the CCP dictatorship remains in power. And as long as they remain in power, Japan's security will remain with the US and allied camp.

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Some foreign affairs experts in Beijing strongly believe that Japan should bolster political and economic ties with China...

That will never happen until Chinese imperialism falls to the ground and Chinese people get freed from their dictatorship.

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This is just a feel good moment, until Abe goes to Yasukuni and pays his respects!

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