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Japan to donate $4 mil in food aid to Myanmar


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Japan to donate $4 mil in food aid to Myanmar

Those food aid will go to military backed government, which at the end will give them more power.

So Japan which side you are in this Myanmar crisis?

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And the journalist was released.

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Money well spent again Japan (NOT)

take care of your country first so many are struggling here,what are you doing?

Everyone in the world needs help but prioritize your country first then after you can help the others in need.

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The Japanese government doesn't just send a box of cash to Myanmar. The main beneficiaries will be Japanese food producers ( probably instant ramen etc and transport companies).

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So rewarding the military coup, Should be sanctions instead.

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Divest, don't send money, geez, for cying out loud!

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In my dreams, Japan should refuse to recognize the post-coup illegitimate government of Myanmar and put the money to better use by donating guns and bullets instead. There are several armed groups scattered around the country who would make the best use of such aid and would have a fighting chance to overthrow the junta which does not have the support of the majority. With weapons in hand the Burmese are perfectly capable of raising the spirit of 1776!

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Japan secretly funds the junta, and now this. Japan then says they are proud to be part of the quad to defend democracy. Crying out aloud, stop the hypocrisy.

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about $7 a person....

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Really? What’s ‘Your’ answer from China @SurivaniC 11:35am:

- “To anyone complaining: "What am I doing to make the situation that I am complaining about better?"

At 8:00am, You posted: - “I live in China.” -

Based on your advice above, what are You and the Chinese government doing to help the people of Myanmar?

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That means , a journalist costs one million $ less than a gas pipeline. lol

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$4 M to Miyanmar? Impressive.

Now how about 4 million vaccination shots to the people of Japan this week? That would be even more amazing.

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Will it actually get to the people or is it just another food for iranian oil UN program?

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In exchange of a reporter's freedom? hmm. very Japanese. Always have strings attached.

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In the meantime, 1 in 6 of people living in Japan are below the 'poverty line', especially single mums, struggling to feed themselves and their children, taking on 2 or even 3 part-time jobs.

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Bribe......blackmail payment.......payoff....... take your choice

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