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Japan to host CO2 reduction summit in December with ASEAN, Australia


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Holding summits on anything seems to be the new and only business model.

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Will Indonesia and Australia agree to drastic reductions in coal production/exports?

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Australia digs holes in the ground and sells dirt.

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LOL, do you mean the Australia who sells coals to the Japan who loves to build new coal-power plants all over Asia ? Japan's argument is basically "our new coal plan is cleaner, if you replace all your old plants with our new plants, we'll be reducing CO2!". I mean, makes sense, but the CO2 from building new plants would probably not be even out by the reduction for X years, by then the "new" plants have become "old.

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.....and all the delegates and staff and security and hangers-on and Meeja-people and everyone.... will make their ways there and back.... with zero emissions. great! good to see the powers-that-be setting a good example.

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CO2 footprint to hold this meeting ?

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It's going to be a CO2 Production Summit in all likelihood.

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Australia digs holes in the ground and sells dirt

Lots of nations lining up to buy that "dirt" too.

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Japan's argument is basically "our new coal plan is cleaner,

All coal is dirty. No such thing as clean coal.

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And Australia could think about new industries other than the dirt.

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