Japan to slash tax revenue forecast as trade war hits exports


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The sources, with knowledge of the matter, were speaking on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to speak to media.

In other words, Abe authorized the release of the information ahead of time as a trial balloon to test public opinion.

Damn near nothing gets leaked from the government without the approval of someone higher up the food chain, as any media outlet that would report it,would face being called in to explain it,and face not having any further access to the press pool that covers these stories!

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^^^ yes, exactly. I wonder why the press doesn't report it like that, there doesn't seem to be much meta-analysis of the news by outlets.

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From the first period of this Abe govt. X 3 times means his reputation and good-face to many Japanese believing/ trusting him created much more poverty. Future Japan's history will show how this dude used his Abenomics of raising tax and increasing national bonds made Japan decreasing to sink. That's shame on him!

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Forgot to mention that exports of Japanese beer to Korea dropped to ZERO, probably among other things.

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So the government spends 100 trillion but only expected to take in 62 trillion.

Or only 60 trillion now.

Not good in the first place!

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To compensate for the shortfall, the government will issue additional deficit-covering bonds worth about 2 trillion yen in an extra budget for the fiscal year ending March 2020, 

Is it just me, or do others see a pattern of lies and deceit in regards to the purpose of sales tax and economic stimulus? Both sales tax increase were pledged to be to lower the public debt. The economic stimulus packages are just crap that effects very few people. How can people be so blind as to accept this crap?

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