Japan to tighten export policy on coal-fired power plants

By Yuka Obayashi

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Keep at it Koizumi-san. The time for coal is over.

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Japanese environment minister Shinjiro Koizumi said on Tuesday he has agreed with other ministries including the industry ministry and finance ministry to review export conditions of coal-fired power plants by the end of June.

Good to hear...regardless of what one thinks of Koizumi,s background its good to see someone of a yonger generation pushing for a change , albeit at slow pace ( we are talking Japan here afterall ) be it on paternal leave or or trying to wind down Japan,s coal plant export policy.

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If Japan wants to export ready to go plants, I would suggest waste management and incineration.

They have the technology and systems that a lot of countries need.

With many countries banning the importation of waste (ie, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Phillipines) the mature Japanese waste managemnet and incineration systems (which use the generated heat) is a pretty good answer to the garbage/waste problem.

better PR than coal fired generators.


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Hmmmmm....  no coal.  No nuclear.  Other renewables still a long way to be equally useful or efficient.  What to do?

Agree on waste management.  Good way forward,

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In addition to reviewing exports of coal plants, they should also be reviewing plans to build them domestically.

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The power companies tied themselves into long term contracts for coal when now the price of LNG is cheaper. Japan is the largest importer of coal and LNG.

Follow the example of countries like the UK where less than 5% of power is now from coal and some days 0%. Greater use of renewable energies, at the moment the total power from renewable's is 40% compared with a total less than 30% from all fossil fuels.

Check it out for yourself


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