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Japan to tighten scrutiny of foreign investment in 12 key sectors

By Takahiko Wada

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Wanna bet this is the lesson govt and j-inc learned after 20+ years of foreign dominance of Nissan?

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Just a move so a struggling companies in those sector just being absorbed by bigger Japanese company instead foreign one, since it will be less competition.

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Red sunsToday  11:36 am JST

Wanna bet this is the lesson govt and j-inc learned after 20+ years of foreign dominance of Nissan?

You lost the bet. This is about national security issues and China is the concern, and it follows the same type of scrutiny already applied in the United States.

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OssanAmerica? Really, the security meme? That tired old thing? Japan needs more foreign investors, not fewer, and foreign guidance on how to manage their outdated and traditional corporations which are corrupt and have shaky finances (Olympus, Mitsubishi's almost a monthly scandal with the latter! And where are these Japanese investors anyhow?

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forget nissan - it is hardly security strategic. think china.

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"And where are these Japanese investors anyhow?"


They're happily investing everywhere, being one of the World's biggest providers of FDI (especially to China), the Word's largest creditors) including your own country. And mine (UK) too.

Try that.

Strangely enough their "outdated" practices are working abroad.

Ossan is correct.

There is the same issue at play in the UK these days,

Re: Huawei, tensions between Trump and BJ's Admns.

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I have shares of Square.Enix Holdings, it's easy to see why they want to do that. China could buy the entire country just like they are buying land all around the world.

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This all assumes that the Japanese investors care about Japan. We have many American Hedge fund managers (Romney for one) whose sole purpose was to destroy the company. Ending up in Chinese hands might be a blessing. Ingersoll watches did that and is coming back.

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While I am not a fan of having too many restrictions, I would really like to see Japan institute a law that states foreigners cannot have more than a certain percentage of ownership of land and businesses in Japan which is comparable to the country from which the buyer comes from and prohibit 100% foreign ownership other than the embassy or consulate. Countries like China and Russia are basically using "occupy and control" of territories to invade other countries and take over natural resources such as water and by that process the country. That is happening to many countries in Africa and Asia today.

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