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Japan urges cooperation with ASEAN on N Korea, environment


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Most of the plastic that ends up in the ocean comes out of Asia, so it is appropriate that Asia work on reducing the amount of plastic pollution.

There seem to be two issues. Primarily, the issue is keeping used plastic out of the biosphere as trash. Secondly, it wouldn't hurt to reduce the amount of plastic consumed, overall, since the byproducts of plastic manufacture and waste are detrimental to animal life on Earth.

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Plastics and biodiversity.

Still wiping out forests for agriculture, particularly palm. Indonesia and Malaysia pretty disgraceful on that count.

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"Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday urged other Asian countries to step up cooperation on enforcing U.N. sanctions on North Korea and on environmental issues."

How about Japan step up and cooperate on issues, first, besides self-serving issues? And the environment?? There's a laugh, considering they are about to dump the biggest ever amount of radioactive waste in the ocean and demand you still buy their seafood, and that's a company that has constantly lied about what's in said waste. NK is a bilateral issue in terms of what Japan wants; they want the sanctions to push Abe's agenda and ten-times vow to bring home the abductees. He doesn't care about nuclear weapons because they give him ammo to change the Constitution.

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I don’t need an item that already has 2 or 3 layers of plastic around it put into a clear plastic bag and then put into a shopping bag... ridiculous. I end up with so many bags I try to reuse.

All the cash registers in my area big things that block the staff from view. So it it hard to see what they are doing, and they looked like stunned mullet if you tell them not to put plastic wrapped items in another clear bag.

My non resusable, but recyclable plastic garbage here is an insane amount every week.

I wouldn’t eat very healthy though if i tried to live off food that food that did not come in a plastic container of some sort. City living...

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Finally, for the first time in his 5 years, Abe did something good at ASEAN.

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If they want to monitor, just walk along any beach. And don’t blame China for everything.

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Monitoring and research have already been done and impact done.

Reducing or stopping consumption is the key to solve the problem.

But Japan never proposes do reduce consumption. The government never wants to affect the industry, whatever the industry is.

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Shocking that this is getting more media attention than the radioactive waste Japan dumps into the ocean daily.

if you support this plastic waste campaign then stop going to Starbucks or at least take your straw home and tell the staff IHAVEMYOWN !!!

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Love the ironic photo.

For starts, bottled water ought to be outlawed except for use in emergency situations. Soda should be sold only in cans. Plastic shopping bags are unnecessary. The list goes on.

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Japan should set an example and take the initial step in reducing the use of plastic. There is absolutely too much unnecessary plastic packaging in Japan.

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