Japan welcomes new U.S. Indo-Pacific economic initiative

By Mari Yamaguchi

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Japan welcomes…shouldn’t that read…the LDP welcomes?

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The last US economic initiative in the Indo-Pacific was the TPP which Trump pulled the US out of. It got off the ground with the other 11 members thanks to Japan and Australia pushing it forward.

Here is a wacky idea, why doesnt the US join the TPP? Is it because it is no longer the leader of that initiative? I think the US must get used to joining others sometimes without expecting to be the leaders, and just accepting they are simply a member. Other nations are capable of leadership too.

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A prime example of why those want to become politicians should be automatically excluded from doing so.

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The Biden's initiative will be a dead issue after the Republicans get back to power. Do you want to gamble the US presidency in 2024?

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@Yrral The ordinary citizens of America rely on buying "Made in China" stuffs to survive.

How many Japanese brand automobiles were imported from Japan in these days? Less than 1 out of 3 cars

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Most Japanese designed vehicles are assembled in the US or Canada. My car model was assembled in Canada.

The US buys other things from Japan, not just cars. SONY, Toshiba, Canon, Hitachi, Kioxia (they many SSDs), Panasonic, NEC, Epson (Seiko) are the names I know off the top of my head. All of these are in the house. Have a new Epson projector arriving soon.

There are Japanese parts manufacturers in my state Honda, Hitachi, Panasonic, Toyo.

A bunch of my HDDs are manufactured in Thailand. My SSDs come from South Korea - Samsung. My router hardware is from a Swiss company, but manufacturing is from Taiwan (not China).

I think Vietnam has some manufacturing and more as Americans try to avoid buying from Chinese-made locations. Often, the same company, just creates a new factory in Vietnam to diversify against trade sanctions.

There's a bunch of Chinese stuff too, usually designed by American companies, but manufactured in China or elsewhere in Asia. I'm using an AMD Ryzen CPU right now, likely manufactured in China, perhaps Malaysia. I wish AMD would close the Chinese manufacturing, but they probably have USD-billions invested in that facility. I tried a cheap Chinese projector as a replacement to a locally made one that failed after a decade of use. It broke after 11 months and the company had already disappeared. What really happened was the company changed 1 letter in the name and was still selling the same crap. At least it was cheap.

We are all interdependent for trade, expertise, and to fight evil in the world.

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Funny how the US makes drama when feeling china closer and closer..

Japan welcomes…shouldn’t that read…the LDP welcomes?

Well said..

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