Japanese, EU leaders hail progress in free trade talks


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Nice flower, might be there to cover the smell of corruption.

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I'll believe it when I see it?

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This photo,

Japan Prime Minister is in front of ad board of Japan version Breitbart News ”Sankei”.

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Pasta is cheap enough for me as it is. Cheese on the other hand..

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I am looking forward to that smirk being wiped off Abe's face in the coming Tokyo election when the LDP will lose an unprecedented number of votes to Koike's Tomin Firsto party

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Good news I guess. Can't rely on the US at the moment.

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Japan buy. Cheese  and. Sell cars?  Don't. need pasta. Udon is easy to cook.

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Japanese companies CEO will be happy as much Abe PM using our tax tributes to help economic growth in Japan. However, his Abenomics failed and trying to find different ways? Why is he eager to show good face to say he is the one doing everything to Japan a better economy? Anyhow, Japanese companies perhaps have more opportunities in this market butr never to mention how good will be to Japanese citizens, meaning better life? He wants a good face washing first his hands, but not to say "clean" his face, those scandals of his administration and he himself involved, not well explained and going arrogant manners to defend himself. If he wants to do something better to our life, he must use his brain, not mouth.

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@ Alexandre

"he must use his brain, not mouth." here lies the problem.

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Japan is probably well aware of its strengths and weaknesses. It will find an effective way to solve problems. China is not only a size but also an increasingly business. Chinese media reaches virtually every corner...

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Wales,  I agree. itch you. well written observation.

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"this is how big my ego is."

"this is how bad my countries economy is thanks to my big ego."

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