Japanese diplomat visits Beijing; arranges Abe's visit to China in Oct


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There are 3000 years history of China-Japan visiting each other. This visit by Abe could be historical if he will do proper homework. I would like to see Abe to lay foundation for next 30 years of Japan-China relationship when China is the No1 in the world, and I hope that Japan would remain No5.

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Abe finally goin to Authoritarian China?

Well and good!

But it would be best if Shinzo also visits the only Japan-friendly country in the world which by the way is also democratic .

If Shinzo can do some selfies with Xi then why not with President English Tsai of our friendly neighbor ROC-TW?

Japan being Bushido country should not follow the way of that sneaky Superpower who calls TW an ' ally ' but refused to have diplomatic relations with the democratic country.

As a result that Superpower have already lost credibility even in their former colony in the region.

Nippon must have the guts and honor to re-establish full diplomatic ties with TW to be Bushido country again!

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