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Japanese parties vie to boost number of female lawmakers ahead of election


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but some worry that, like similar efforts before, the initiative may be more sloganeering than a harbinger of real change.

You think? The same campaigns are thrown out every cycle, like with the "Koizumi children".

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What is the point of rushing to place female lawmakers when you undermine them and discard them soon after? Abe tried to add more female lawmakers, then every single one was forced to resign over a scandal, yet somehow male lawmakers stick around after multiple scandals, and these female lawmakers end up having their voices muted. In every campaign since, there hasn't been a push for female lawmakers and the party was elected just fine. I don't want female lawmakers just for your photo op. Actually give them a voice.

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It's one thing to say you want more women holding seats of power, but that alone is not enough. You need to actually support them, put an end to sexism, ensure they get paid the same rate as their male counterparts and also make sure that they can not only speak, but be heard as well. Saying you'll increase the number of women in politics means nothing if you also tell them that they can only have those positions under the condition that they don't say anything. If you really want more women to view politics as a viable option, you have to actually prove that it genuinely is a viable option, and not just a publicity stunt to garner votes.

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It is difficult to feel optimistic about this with sexist comments and attitudes still very much present in the Japanese politics, but maybe this can actually be part of the very necessary change that inevitably will come.

Lets see how many are selected to run for positions, how many elected and how many make a difference at their posts.

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