Kishida planning to attend U.N. General Assembly in New York


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Japan should be a permanent member of the Security Council.

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Kishida-san loves attending events.

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I hope Kishida’s attending the UN General Assembly won’t end up with more pledges for foreign aids while leaving people back home suffering from high prices and the Covid- induced recession.

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high-ranking South Korean government official, meanwhile, has said the country is considering talks between President Yoon Suk Yeol and Kishida on the fringes of the U.N. session

That's unlikely to happen as Kishida will be super-busy that week.

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With inflation, the unpopular upcoming Abepalooza and the Yen circling the drain it looks like the political situation in Japan is becoming all too fraught for Fumio so he'll be "doing a Boris" to New York to escape the heat at home while attempting to establish some badly needed cred on the international stage.

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Hayashi told a press conference that the two want to show up to the annual event of the United Nations "if various circumstances allow," although he stopped short of elaborating on the details, including when they would visit.

Waiting with bated breath.

Will Kishida and Hayashi attend this UN event?

You know it will be of global import.

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One reason,I would not run for President,it never cross my mind,but you probably always have some insecure leader,calling you on the phone,to solve their problem, especially like Zelensky, Biden has enough to worry about,with other leaders problems,Obama said in his memoirs,everytime he looked up he was dealing with another Prime Minister from Japan,that did not sit well with him

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Japan is also eager to send a message about "nuclear disarmament and other challenges that the international community is facing,"

They can’t even address the domestic problems in Japan, how in the world are they supposed to contribute to the international community?

What? They’re going to set up meeting after meeting? Turn a blind eye to various “minor” crimes and paper bag payments?

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Some people will never be happy!

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Based on Abe and now Kishida flying all around the world I am starting to believe that the LDP wants to sell a vision of Japan as a global leader to take attention away from their domestic foibles.

They can’t even address the domestic problems in Japan, how in the world are they supposed to contribute to the international community?

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Japan should replace Russia on the security council. A great power replacing an evil one.

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