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Kishida revamps cabinet; record-tying 5 women appointed ministers


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Kishida wants to use women as docile puppets to deceive more citizens. what else....

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The reshuffle comes as support for Kishida's administration has continued to slide due partly to problems with the My Number national identification card system and public frustration over rising prices in the absence of salary hikes.

Do the oligarch shuffle; the newest craze in the pantomime of the one-party Japanese democracy.

I think the public would have more of a reaction if they just descended into total absurdity and put out TikTok videos instead of going through the motions of pretending to appeal to an electorate or serve the people.

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Given the desire for policy continuity, Kishida retained Digital Minister Taro Kono

Yeah. Because policy continuity such an undesirable thing in other areas. LOL A grade schooler kid could come up with better policies.

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It’s another geriatric cabinet. There should me mandatory retirement age set at 60 like for normal japanese people. Why do they have to keep on leeching and leeching?

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tapping a record-tying five women

Gotta love that bit of spin.


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It's like eating curry every single day, you may change the ingredients from time to time, but it is still curry. Only curry is loveable unlike the LDP.

Kishida, a dovish moderate, hopes the revamp will help pave the way for his Liberal Democratic Party to emerge victorious again

Not changing my mind about the next elections. Congrats to the newly appointed women though.

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Well, a least the average age doesn't look too bad: roughly 58.

Elsewise, no major changes to be expected in the months to come.

"We always did it this way, we'll continue doing so!"

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If life gives you a lemon make lemonade :)

if your country doesnt have politics you are satisfied with, organize into and grow an active group of politically educated citizens that can influence politics decisions. Dont just complain the same thing 1000 times, things change when you start doing sth differently. Dont just wait things change all of a sudden by themselves.

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Given the desire for policy continuity, Kishida retained Digital Minister Taro Kono, a Georgetown University graduate and popular figure who has previously served as foreign minister, to tackle the My Number card problems.

Popular? That's news to me. Good that he is promoting more women.

7 ( +8 / -1 )

Sanae Takaichi!

It wasn't looking as bad as I initially thought until I saw her name on the list.

9 ( +13 / -4 )

There are a lot of 7s up there. I wonder if it is considered good luck to appoint someone in their 70's.

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So pathetic in how obvious they are in trying to desperately do anything to patch up their image lol

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The picture makes think there is a fire somewhere.

6 ( +8 / -2 )

5 women? So tea making, snack serving, dish washing....

5 seems quite excessive for an LDP cabinet. What are the other 2 going to do?

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How about getting away from “ministers” in their 70’s? In mean the DIGITAL MINISTER is 60!!!

10 ( +11 / -1 )


Drumming up support from the zaibutsu!

3 ( +7 / -4 )

8 or even 10 is the right number, and next Japan will have a Female PM I pray, men are Corrupt, that simple.

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Kishida’s party is staying that ‘the future will be better than today,”

My question is what has the LDP been doing for decades?

The answer is not very much….

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Indeed that is the objective, pretend to give freshness.

They will obey to KISHIDA's master, do lip-service or be fired.

Those new puppets are like fake crab sticks (surimi), appetizing but nothing authentic...

The worst with Japanese women is their developed tatemae skills forged to survive.

-12 ( +4 / -16 )

Shuffling the old and worn deckchairs on the Titanic, and adding a couple of beach mats . Fresh is not a word that comes to mind.

7 ( +7 / -0 )

Why would you want the bungling 60 year old Digital Minister or is it Minister Digital(?) to continue bungling? Choose someone young enough who actually can propose new digital shortcuts!!

Reconstruction Minister Shinako Tsuchiya what was she doing the previous 71 years?

Sports Minister is also geriatric! Seiko Hashimoto wasn’t that old.
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Well, a least the average age doesn't look too bad: roughly 58.

Seems like you’ve pulled this average age out of thin air like a magician!

The reality is that the average age for Kashida’s cabinet is 63.5!

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Isn't it about time we had a change from the horribly corrupt LDP? Wouldn't it be amazing if Japan voted communist? That would drive the American puppet masters crazy!

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The most plausible explanation for why he has retained such unpopular and incompetent figures as Kono Taro and, to a less notorious extent, Suzuki Shun'ichi: he's planning a snap election. That sounds paradoxical, but the point is more that without the protection of being a minister these guys would surely lose. Having the ministerial prestige gives them their best chance. They may have cashed all their leverage chips in asking to stay in their posts through the next election. Suzuki is also Aso's brother-in-law and holds a ministry that Aso formerly held, so Aso may have made keeping him in MoF a condition of his continued support for the Kishida Administration, or else Suzuki may have appealed to Aso to use his influence to keep him in his post through the election.

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Alex DeLargeToday  07:39 pm JST

In any case 5 new woman are going to change Japan for the better. I am so damn excited. Going to go to the local snack bar and get drunk! Viva nippon!

You know they are LDP members, right? What difference do you think their sex is going to make? Are you going to start voting or supporting the LDP now?

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Some additional info this article failed to mention. 1) This is the third time that "a record" five women have been appointed to the cabinet in Japan, matching Koizumi and Abe's previous selections. Kishida's last cabinet only had two women! As such, it's now on a par with the number of women in, say, Italy's current cabinet (though that country is actually headed by a female PM, a first), however when compared to other G7 countries, they still do much better at "providing" token female representation in the highest reaches of executive administration.

2) Almost half of all the cabinet positions are held by members of the two largest factional groupings, both either directly "Abe" or Abe-connected (Aso). Kishida may be described in this article as a "dove moderate" (lol), but scratch beneath the surface, and Abe Shinzo's hawkish conservatism is all over the place.

3) Once again, partnering up with the LDP leads to diminishing rewards, Komeito! But you will cling to the LDP if it gives you the best hope of staying in "the majority", won't you! lol.

4) The US is pleased with the (staid) continuity found within this cabinet reshuffle. Cue US Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emmanuel: “These appointments will bring a level of freshness, a level of energy and purposefulness in that endeavor that started two years ago.” lol. Sure, buddy...whatever you say...

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Kishida revamps cabinet; record-tying 5 women appointed ministers

Didn't wanna get TOO transparent and break the record with , EH Kish?

Too bad he didn't consider the ages of his crew as well.

Whatever, let's see how this goes.

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Why are Japanese ministers all so old, some younger blood might have appealed to the general voter. Politian's should be forced to retire at the same age as everyone else. Parliament should not be old peoples day care.

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SapperJonToday  12:24 am JST

Why are Japanese ministers all so old,

Confucian custom of respect for the elderly. Confucius might have re-considered his standpoint if he'd met a few geriatric LDP Diet members though.

some younger blood might have appealed to the general voter.

They don't care about the general voter. It's not the general voter who wins elections for them.

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Japanese usually deserve the government they get

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"Yuko Obuchi, the 49-year-old daughter of late Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi"

Nice to see some good old fashioned nepotism! Her secretary had to take the fall for her corruption charges and no doubt she bowed for which then all is forgiven...looks like cronyism and corruption are safe in the hands of the next generation....

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ooops, sorry, I must have "skipped" one or two?

You're right, 63.5 is the average!

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Five whole women in the new cabinet, oh my dog, I will have to sit down and and recuperate.

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