Kishida says he will present new policy options in bid for LDP leadership


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Suga won as major party factions, including one led by LDP Secretary General Toshihiro Nikai, threw their support behind him despite Suga not belonging to a faction himself.

No faction to call his own makes him the plaything of all the other factions. What's not to like for the other factions?

Kishida, who heads an LDP faction with over 40 members, suggested he would implement tough measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, saying, "We need to keep in mind the worst-case scenario."

"...implement tough measures against the COVID-19 pandemic...": as in? Details please.

In an article in a monthly magazine that hit the shelves on Thursday, Takaichi advocated amending the Constitution so Japan can possess "national defense forces."

He called for public debate about amending the Constitution. The LDP advocates amendments including making an explicit reference to the Self-Defense Forces in the supreme law.

Aaah, priorities...

On a side-note, the "...monthly magazine that hit the shelves on Thursday..." is "Hanada" which with "Will" are the 2 Official Monster Raving Loony Party magazines (with "Hanada" being a splinter from "Will" after a fall-out within the management/staff). Both magazines' covers are just so bonkers with ultra-right wing madness that I never miss to read them in bookshops for a good laugh. Oh yeah, they're head-over-heels in far-right wacko conspiracy theories as well. A must-read if you're interested in Japanese far-right mental diseases, I guess.





Speaking to reporters, Takaichi, who belongs to no LDP faction, sought support from fellow LDP lawmakers because the party requires hopefuls to first gather 20 nominations from the party's Diet members to run in the race.

If elected, the 60-year-old conservative would be the first female LDP president, and thus the prime minister.

A woman run the oyaji party? Let's be realistic, please.

In an article in a monthly magazine that hit the shelves on Thursday, Takaichi advocated amending the Constitution so Japan can possess "national defense forces."

As Japan has an "army" (called a "self-defense force") and as organizing a national vote is required to change the constitution, how much is this "semantics"-issue going to cost taxpayers?

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Dylan sings in one song, "all things old can be new again". This is appropriate for another LDP leader's race. Suga will insist his second coming will be new and improved, like the latest dishwashing detergent. And Kishida will try to bleach the stained neo-nationalist, neo-liberal policy agenda, trying to "make Japan proud again" and dressing up more deregulation and class war, this time, as Fumiomics.

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Kishida will just the face of Abe's and to a smaller degree,Aso's policies.We know what Abe wants.He tried for 8 years whilst in power.

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A truly one state party.

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For those interested in the antics, acrobatics and convolutions (or convulsions) or factional politics within the LDP, here is a recap of the current situation on who backs up who:


From top to bottom (in decreasing order of faction-members):

Hosoda - backs Suga personally but factional backing still TBD

Aso - ditto

Takeshita - ditto

Nikai - faction backs Suga (with some internal dissent)

Kishida - faction backs Kishida (of course)

Ishiba - total silence

Ishihara - faction backs Suga

We all know that faction-leaders hold a total control over their groups (a little bit like the Kudokai boss), but as discussions in Ginza steakhouse backroom are taking place and deals struck at the 11th hour, expect a very fluid situation (a little bit like in Afghanistan).

LDP party-politics are ultimately like various Kudokai factions arguing on who controls Kabul. Hmm, "LDPlibans" or "Kasumigasekinistan", maybe?

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Our country's democracy is facing a crisis


Its the same every time, the LDP decides their president and that person becomes Prime Minister because the voters don’t hear any policy options to know who to vote for.

Then what are these morons doing talking about revising the constitution to do this and that for the SDF? Is that what the next election is going to be about?

Kishida is just soft talk. He won’t quit politics if he doesn’t win, he’ll stay on and keep earning that paycheck.

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Japanese people need to rise up and make you're voice heard and force the government to start acting like a DEMOCRACY during election and always.

Why are we being forced to have to pay for health insurance but can't receive adequate health care during a health crisis emergency of a covid pandemic.

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anyone but Suga please.

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Don't change horses while crossing a stream. Suga should stay in a bit longer to finish up the vaccinations and re-open travel and tourism. Of course I can't vote and only pay taxes, but that is my opinion for what it is worth.

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Kishida says he will present new policy options in bid for LDP leadership

The words 'new' and 'LDP' in the same sentence? Do me a favour!

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nonu6976Today  11:14 am JST

anyone but Suga please.

I wonder how long have you been here.

It doesn’t matter if the PM is Aso,Abe,Suga or any other affiliate of the Nippon Kaigi,they have one common goal and one united vision of revisionism.

So with them at the helm things will only get worse.

Suga is doing as bad as his predecessor.

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Except for the fluent Japanese readers here, the foreigners reading these translated articles from Japanese to English are missing out on so much as the languages do not translate well, and customs and culture hold super power over the whole overall situation.

When someone is running for office here, driving around in a little white van with a huge illegal decibel projecting nuclear speaker on top, waving with little white gloves and screaming their name over and over again, well, you have to be Japanese to really understand what they are saying, nod with approval and wave back.

Unless you are a Japanese or a nonJapanese raised multicultural here, you will not get it. The subtle nuances, the look like you are taking a nap(Aso) kind of feel, no words in English can translate these cultural differences.

So please ignore the English words used in translation like, contemplating, thinking about, considering, having thoughts, etc… Most of those are just nods of approval or nods of disapproval, and to distinguish between nods, well you have had to have been raised here.

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Whoever leads this country, no matter how good their intention is, the mass media will always find ways to pull them down because that's what clicks!

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What is there to understand?

He comes from a political family. Both Kishida's grandfather, Masaki Kishida, and his father, Fumitake Kishida, were members of the House of Representatives, and his cousin is a former Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, minister.

He was close to LDP faction leader Makoto Koga and assumed control of Koga's faction in October 2012.

Like Shinzō Abe, Kishida is affiliated with the openly nationalist organization Nippon Kaigi.

None of it really matters except those who can vote.

Suga is hoping to be re-elected without a vote.

In the end, same old same old.

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I wonder how long have you been here.

Over 20 years in Japan, so I'm well aware of the political landscape here.

I'm just tired of listening to his monotone voice and looking at his expressionless face as he says the same thing day after day, making the same empty promises which he has no intention of keeping. He has absolutely no charisma whatsoever. If he was not the PM, nobody would even notice him. He has no redeeming qualities at all.

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The toxic faction system is ingrained within the LDP ruling government, top to bottom.

Former Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida whist a member of former PM Abe san cabinet offered nothing to suggest restructure of reform.

It is a form of politically perverse follow my leader mentality.

The danger is that leadership has, or is becoming more opaque/dysfunctional.

Who is pulling the strings?

LDP Secretary General Toshihiro Nikai who leads Shisuikai Faction, with the ever present stink of bribery and corruption, cronyism.

The LDP in Search of a Center: Kingmaker Nikai’s Stock Falls as Suga Loses Support


Former Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, offers nothing other that a political puppet, singing from the same hymn sheet.

Change the constitution? The crown jewels, the essence of what makes Japan a peace loving nation.

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What have u been doing in LDP until now, waiting for your turn???

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Thanks Kishida for bringing down the LDP house.

He's truly the greatest.

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"People's trust, which is the foundation of politics, is falling apart," he said, in a veiled criticism of Suga's leadership. "Our country's democracy is facing a crisis."

A crisis entirely engineered and exacerbated by the LDP, so Kishida is going to do nothing about it whatsoever. The LDP are never going to fix all the problems with the electoral system because they know they might never get back into power again if they did.

Kishida, who heads an LDP faction with over 40 members, suggested he would implement tough measures against the COVID-19 pandemic, saying, "We need to keep in mind the worst-case scenario."

He called for public debate about amending the Constitution. 

Going by those kinds of inane LDP-style platitudes it doesn't sound like we can expect any new policy options from him.

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Just going to be an Abe/Aso puppet!

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Please remember, Kishida-san, to consider the views of the people in Japan paying taxes when creating the new policies. As a government representative, you represent the people, not your own goals.

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