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Kishida to explain decision on Abe state funeral at Wednesday news conference


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Despite any reason/explanation, the state funeral will be held as planned.

Will such explanation change any decision? or movement of funds for the funeral? or gain in support for his cabinet?

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Let's hope the opposition organize a protest nearby on the same day. I'd love to attend.

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Especially since Abe regime, Press conference at cabinet office of Japan don't permit freedom of question. 

This "state funeral" is fundamentally constitutional violation.

Besides, it is political ceremony for most problematic Japanese prime minister in post-war Japan history.

He had continued to ruin democracy, used his power to assist cult group, and increased victim.

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Release the true figures AFTER the funeral? Why are they scared to give us a rough figure? Scared of a public backlash?

12 ( +15 / -3 )

LDP and opposition parties took money from the group. That's the way it works.

The church supports (gives money to and volunteers time to and for politicians) political parties that are anti-communist, which is their right to organize like that, you can do it too. Even if it is a cult, so what? It helps in the fight against communism. The only group who didn't take any cash was probably the Japan Communist Party.

I do not support the church or am in any way connected but they are just doing what all political activists do.

You have to be really naive to believe in pacifism as an adult. PM Abe wasn't naive like that.

He was murdered based on who he was and he was the Prime Minister of Japan. It's doesn't really matter if you 'like' him or 'his policy' he still was the prime minster.

Not me, and not you. So, I don't have a problem with it.

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Sadly I would bet the farm on this going ahead. I don’t see Japan deciding to “lose face” by canceling the invitations of guests from around the world.

I don’t care if Abe was popular or not…. whether he “deserves” it or not. I don’t care if it costs a lot, or a little. The simple fact is, Japan does not have a precedent of state funerals and national mourning for politicians and there is absolutely no good reason to start now. His supporters can give him a good send off if needs be, there is no need to make it a national event.

…and if they absolutely must… at least try and bribe my passivity by giving us a holiday!

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In this brazen attempt to create a new form of hero-worship by "enshrining" his former boss, Kishida is billing the people to pay for their own brainwashing. Like all politicians, Kishida will push the envelope as far as the supine electorate will allow.

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Kishida to explain decision on Abe state funeral

this should be rich……..

get ready to make some memes and auto tune videos for later use.

I don’t think they should allow this “explanation” to be recorded live.

no matter what he says, they will have the funeral anyway. It will only further piss off the public.

at some point, the LDP is gonna jerk the people around one too many times, and someone is going to snap. In a bad way…..

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Komeito does not receive donations from the UC or any other group.

TBF, though, Soka Gakkai members do campaign for Komeito candidates.

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At first, I didn't have a problem with a state funeral for a former PM who is assassinated. It seemed like a logical action, regardless of my feelings toward him.

But, the announced price tag is way too high. Why will it cost so much? LDP buddies getting contracts for logistical support? And, you just know it will end up costing much more.

Plus, the majority of the public is against it. So, they should probably just have a dignified semi-public ceremony attended by family, colleagues, and dignitaries, instead.

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My biggest problem is , as tragic as his murder was, if a kid or adult ignores this respect will they be judged.

Do we all have to stop what we are doing and be respectful because of him who feels no guilt

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Yes, Komeito receives support from Soka Gakkai members and also nonmembers. Nothing illegal and everything is transparent.

Nothing illegal at all. But, it does contradict your earlier statement that *"Komeito does not receive donations from the UC or any other group."*

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I guess they will say it is because he is longest serving PM and was assassinated. Hate to break it to you but he wasn't PM when he was murdered,

Sure 7 years and 266 days form 2012 - 2020 but that isn't much different to Eisaku Satō from 1964 - 1972 7 years and 242 days

Oh wait you want to also count the 1 year and 1 day he was PM back in 2006 - 2007 as well?

Well as long as you don't call him the most stable PM while you include that extra year because a 5 year gap isn't stable

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What else can the L.D.P. do to boost their popularity ?

Using a deceased man and portraying a great tragedy to gain sympathy!

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"By political party, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's lawmakers had the highest average income of 25.20 million yen."

“Upper House lawmaker Taichiro Motoe of the LDP was the only lawmaker to earn over 100 million yen. His income totaled 1,292.61 million yen, mainly reflecting dividends from investment trusts, though it fell from the previous year's 1.9 billion yen.”

And they expect us, the taxpayer to pay for the State Funeral?

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He wants a State funeral he and all of his other cronies can pay for it out of their pockets and let's see if there would still be a State funeral.

Exactly! Those who want a state funeral should pay for it. And Abe made ALOT of his cronies even richer than they were before. They should at least fund his funeral as a sign of respect and appreciation and not ask the public, who suffered under him to pay for it.

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The Komeito Party allows donations from private individuals only...many of whom are members of Soka Gakkai.

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JT it's Thursday. Going to follow up?

Moderator: We already did yesterday.

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Thanks moderator. Do you mean here.

Kishida vows to sever LDP's ties with Unification Church

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