Kishida vows to sever LDP's ties with Unification Church


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A state funeral is needed as many countries have expressed condolences over Abe's death??? I don't understand this.

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Either what Kishida says is true or just lip-service, this is still good news. It means moonies are still getting bad press and might help people see them for what they are.

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Of course the severing of ties will be voluntary and each lawmaker's word will be taken as proof , right?

No need for any independent panel investigation or oversight is there. Right on , back to the usual.

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It's what he doesn't say that worries me.

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Kishida vows to sever LDP's ties with Unification Church

Seriously? This just justifies the murderer's actions. Apparently, it's okay to kill someone as long as you can say it's for a reason.


-12 ( +3 / -15 )

Not only Kishida san admits there are many relationships with the Moonies, but he also admits he can´t do much about it since he "vows" to do something about it. No compulsory results for politicians. Easy life for them that hits first and always hard the peasants.

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That is going to be very difficult, it would be much more easier and effective (for that purpose) to make a new party and ban anybody with ties with the church, not going to happen of course, it would lead to a very small party with few members of tiny importance.

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Sure you will, Kishida. Sure. And how long did it take and how many points of drop in popularity to go from "reviewing ties" to "cutting them"? There's no way you'll cut ties, and when it's released lawmakers are still accepting money from them for political favors, the only thing you'll do is accept a bow from them and say, "I believe they have learned and will review -- errr... cut there ties from now on. We promise transparency!"

-6 ( +11 / -17 )

enough of empty talk.some urgent action is needed.

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Certainly it is an inter-party decision or were some crimes committed that I am unaware of?

No need for any independent panel investigation or oversight is there. Right on , back to the usual.

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I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when I read the headline. There are around 30-40% of LDP members involved in this church (scam). What's he gonna do? Fire them all? Bwahahaha!

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Why stop at the Moonies? What about Soka Gakkai?

12 ( +15 / -3 )

Excellent news. Force these politicians to run as independent candidates in the next election unless they sever all ties within one month.

Next - force ALL public servants to sever ties with this dangerous and evil cult. Failure to do so should result in summary firing and complete loss of pension.

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I feel that the people's trust in politics has been shaken,

Ya don't say!!

I strongly feel that I need to squarely answer questions

How big of you!

Kishida vows to sever LDP's ties with Unification Church

vow all you want. nobody believes a word you say

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Better late than Never!

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"I believe people's trust in politics has been shaken because of issues such as the Unification Church and the state funeral," Kishida said.

Nah, that's just the icing on Kishida's cake of corruption, a sop to silence criticism while the LDP ceremoniously "canonizes" their "Dear Leader" and spits in the eye of democracy, a political philosophy for which TFG was hardly associated with.

-2 ( +3 / -5 )

By the way, I consider mysel as part of the peasants of course.

For my work, I never vow to do something, I just do it (No corruption fom shoemaker I vow;).

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""his Liberal Democratic Party will require its lawmakers to sever ties with the Unification Church, which has come under the spotlight following the assassination of former leader Shinzo Abe in July.""

Isn't TOO LATE for that, it's been almost 2 month since the connection was uncovered and now we hear the word REQUIRE!!?

I doubt very much if any thing will happen and I hope that a new election is help as soon as possible and after as all lawmakers state publicly were they stand in connection with the UC, then LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE and not Mr. Kishda.

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Fumio do something already!!!!!and stop this crap talk!!!

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What if they are church members

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

Moonies and Looneys! That might explain many of the LDP / DPJ policies, not the least of which is "Abenomics"... MMT.

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Hmm, start by not spending tax payer money for funeral of a guy who was tied to them at the navel?

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Even if the majority of Japanese citizens don't want the state funeral it seems the government will do as it wants regardless.

This is clear proof that the LDP government is doing what it wants and that the Japanese people don't really have a choice.

Democratic dictatorship by the LDP.

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The government should sever ties with all religions and cults, not just the Moonies'. There is no place in government for religious superstition.

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Prove it !

How can Kishida provide proof to assure the Japanese people that the unification church isn't involved with the government at all.

We need signed documents from all cabinet members and the entire government stating zero involvement with the unification church.

Who will be responsible for verified confirmation that all ties between the LDP have been severed ?

Iam extremely sceptical the unification church will become completely flushed out of the government and it's affiliates.

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Soka gakkai is intimately connected with Komeito and without Komeito the LDP would have no power, Soka gakkai is strongly connected to the LDP through Komeito, and Soka gakkai is yet another cult, similar to the Moonies.

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The only thing thats been severed is the public trust and faith in the government !

Even though Abe was unfairly murdered ,Abe made great progress in helping Japan become a non pacifist country that is rapidly becoming militarized and involved in global conflicts.

The LDP is on direct course to end the Japanese pacifist constitution and the end of the peaceful lifestyle the Japanese people have enjoyed.

Japan will cease to be a safe peaceful haven if the LDP continues with its agenda of being a highly militarized nation and the superior leader of Asia.

The LDP must be abolished

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