Koike urged to take lead in raising women representation in politics

By Toma Mochizuki

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Totally agree but please, please remember that the best way to make way on this, is to ensure the women are qualified to do the job. Don’t just appoint someone because they are a female......... like Abe did.

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What’s with all the recent pro-Koike propaganda pieces?

Let’s remember Koike’s affiliation with Nippon Kaigi, which is staunchly opposed to gender equality.

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And lets not forget Koike before the Olympics were cancelled.

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Only if it benefits her. And let’s not forget what she said when the Hanami parties were cancelled , “taking away Hanami parties from Japanese is like taking away hugging from Italians.”

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“taking away Hanami parties from Japanese is like taking away hugging from Italians.”

I don't think too many Italians were hugging this year

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Only women in politics but all other women stay in the kitchen or work for lower wages?

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BLM emerged under the Obama presidency, so having a minority leader in itself does not guarantee significant changes are on the way.

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Surely the selection process should focus on evaluating the right candidate for the seat.

Irrespective of gender, the emphasis on presenting a level playing field approach.

"I think Ms. Koike is the first conservative female politician who proved that a woman politician can rise to top political leadership without a party's full support. That is why she is really special."  

Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike political career and advancement has been aided by membership and use of apparatus/organization of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party.

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the lady seems useless. then again, i would say the same about the whole damn gov over there. when it comes to changing what needs to be changed, that gets hidden, killed off, or just swept under the rug. nothing really changed from 70 something years ago and some radiation clouds.

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I have been studying Koike for many years. She hardly shows emotions in her talks. But there is one exception when she shows her strong emotion. She does not talk about it very often, but when she talks about it, her quiet indignation is visible in her expression despite it is still subdued. That is when she talks about "Women are absent in places where important decisions are made in this country."

I believe this is her core motivation behind her political carrier. But what makes her very different from feminists such as Yoko Tajima or Chizuko Ueno is that she does not take a route of "fighting against social injustice". So for example, she is strongly opposed to any quota system which gives women special privileges. And unlike feminists, she does not talks about how our society is unfair to women or how women are mistreated, etc.

Instead, she truly believes that women are already equal to men and are as powerful as men. Women does not need special help. Women can do as much as men. And Japan is missing great opportunity and resources because women are not fully utilized.

Unlike feminists, she does not preach for women. She just does it and expects other women do the same.

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