Koike wins 2nd term as Tokyo governor


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Congratulations! She won in the absence of any real and meaningful competition.

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The least bad.

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@B. JayToday  06:31 am JST

Congratulations! She won in the absence of any real and meaningful competition

That’s Japanese politics for you. No meaningful competition.

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At 72odd shelf life is limited, hope a younger candidate worth voting for appears soon.

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Koike wins 2nd term as Tokyo governor

Surprise surprise

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Koike, banzai!

-17 ( +3 / -20 )

Great. More of the same.

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Great victory Yuriko Koike.

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There was never any doubt, but they went through the motions. She certainly seems like a very capable person. She knows how to work the camera , can look people in the eye, deal with unscripted questions and think on her feet, even has a bit of humor! A far cry from the tired old boys running the government. Ambitious too. Future PM for sure.

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Congratulations on more of the same old same old...


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Shock horror as the person who was going to win the whole time won.

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Compliments and respect for an unsurprising successful second term for Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike.

Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike record in office is the definition of political mediocrity.

Never grilled or challenged by broadcasters or media on an abject failure to provide promised relief from the overcrowded commuter trains, or even denting the appalling level child and elder care facilities.

When a comprehensive policy is required on testing, tracking, and tracing this pandemic, Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike fell back on one press conference after another. Offering little action or substance.

When the hard-pressed Tokyo tax payers need transparency/clarity on the spiraling costs, and the need to postpone 2020 Olympics Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike went missing without trace, rumored to be holed up in a broom cardboard.  

Instead on support and unity for a Government, whether one agrees or not, Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike took every available opportunity to undermine and engage in a campaign, a lesson, masterclass in political points scoring.

What was lacking, so blatantly obvious is the lack of any opposition to counter Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike rabid revisionist dogma/idealism.

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@Simian Lane yours truly since 70's, same boat.

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Fear mongering is very effective in politics.

Makes it seem like you are the only one who cares about a problem.

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Omedetou gozaimasu to the Governor and future Prime Minister!!!!!

-8 ( +0 / -8 )


For what?

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Omedetou gozaimasu to the Governor and future Prime Minister!!!!!

That will never happen.

4 ( +7 / -3 )


If all the foreigners did as you say the Japanese economy would be gone. It's on life support as it is. Also I wage that I pay 2-3 times more tax than you do as a foreigner here filling a special skilled defecit so even if I can't vote I still like to have my say about it.

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 Utsunomiya, known as the Bernie Sanders of Japan, 

Who in the world came up with this? Any "Bernie Sanders" type politician is going to fail here in Japan as the public here is far from "liberal", and historically speaking, very much "right" of center.

Sure liberals get some votes, even the communist party manages some too, but this guy is far from being anything like Bernie!

I would love for writers here to stop fishing to make comparisons that are really ludicrous!

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Expect another round of saving face policies for Tokyo.

3 ( +5 / -2 )

She is too late and too old to be a priminister, Japan needs young people to improve young people s lives, not more of the same wrapped in a virtual slick packaging. Improve the day to day lives of people, Help people enjoy life. Not reenforce the same tired defunct system that has led to 40 years of stagnation and decline.

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One can only wonder how the polls would have been if COVID-19 wasn't such a huge factor. But conversely if she had botched the handling maybe it would have made the race closer.

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It was a landslide victory for Koike.

(1) Koike: 3.66 million votes (the second largest in history)

(2) Utsunomiya: 0.84 million

(3) Yamamoto: 0.65 million

(4) Ono: 0.62 million

(5) Sakurai: 0.18 million

In comparison, she won 2.91 million votes in 2016.

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To All those wise couch potatoes who downvoted her re-election, please explain your gripe against her & also share with us how you would do a better job.

-4 ( +3 / -7 )

She can go celebrate at the Yasukuni Shrine. A fine legacy, scion of wealth, a career as a television personality borne of a right-wing family. Perfect. A conservative who performs well in front of a camera, but has accomplished little of note. As for whiny, honky palefaces who do not comprehend that voting rights belong to citizens and not carpetbaggers: you are a foreigner, no matter the pretense, you pay taxes for basic services - voting rights are not for sale. Put a cork in it. As for Japanese being basically 'conservative' or very much right of center, that is nonsensical. As for Bernie Sanders, he is anything but a socialist, he hews to orthodox foreign policy and his proposed social programs are moderate. The comparison is apt, though Utsunomiya is on more of a socialist and pacifist tact than Sanders.

-3 ( +4 / -7 )


We are not running for a seat. She is/was. Hence, your question has no merit.

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

Congratulations, Sensei!

-3 ( +2 / -5 )

Japan politics can only be win by political families, so not a surprising result. There's never going to be political upsets in Japan (unless other party also from political family)

Japanese culture simply determines which families do which jobs. Pretty much divine right for those families to rule. So no matter what corruption they do, or how unpopular they are, as long as the politician is from the correct family, he/she will always be in power.

Voting is pretty much just for show, results are never in question.

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I love how people actually think it's a democracy and not predetermined by the people in power.

But what I loved more was when Koike was asked point blank about the majority of people asked about the Olympics wanting them cancelled, and she of course said "While safety is the top priority, cancelling the Olympics is not an option."

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@socritoes. There are around 17 million people in Tokyo. Tokyo sucks the money out of the life of the other 90million. 3.66 million votes. I can’t even afford to replace a broken window and typhoon season is coming. But $21 billion+ for some stadiums and a road and the prestigious Olympic Village???

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Utsunomiya, known as the Bernie Sanders of Japan

That's why he lost.

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Sheepish voters, to say the least.

Being objective, her handling of the corona virus situation was pathetic both in the media and logistically.

Se must be praying for a vaccine every hour.

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Another 77 year old to destroy the future of Tokyo.

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She will run the city into ruin. She’s just starting.

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Go Koike!

-1 ( +3 / -4 )

@yakyak She's 67, not 77.

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Yes. By all means: Go Koike! Away!

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Basically Japanese Politians are way past retirment, if they were as smart as they think they are they would be living a quiet life. After all they were/are paid 6 times the national average.

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Tokyo sucks the money out of the life of the other 90million.

Tokyo is the only prefecture that DOES NOT RECEIVE ANY MONEY from the national government. On the contrary, the national government takes away some of Tokyo's local tax revenue every year to distributes to other prefectures.

Even so, Tokyo has a sound financial status without budget deficit due to strong local corporate tax revenues for so many years now.

But $21 billion+ for some stadiums and a road and the prestigious Olympic Village???

In terms of GDP, the city of Tokyo ranks first in the world at $1.6 trillion. This city can certainly afford a stadium or two. The Olympic Villages will become source of income for the city as they are already being sold to people for their future condominium after the game.

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for four year, Koike could achieve almost nothing about own manifest.

But,dull and insufficient policy of Abe Govt against Corona virus made Koike look as if good governor.

Hours that Japanese mainstream TV channels spend about election were a little in recent years, even TV debate was nothing. those helped Koike resultantly.

by the way,

Racism candidate got as much as 180 thousand votes at this Tokyo governor election.

These are actual state of Tokyo and Japan where host country of Olympic.

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No surprise.

Koike in Tokyo and Abe in Japan.

Both are oyaji and oneesan older Baba types.

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