Komeito member quits parliament over misuse of lawmakers' housing


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@Yubaru - it certainly suggests some kind of affair was going on. They can't afford that kind of scandal right now though which is likely why they handled this far more swiftly than usual.

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'Vice' minister indeed!

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"This strikes me as very old fashioned...why do institutions feel like they can police the private lives of their workforce or student body? "

In this case the housing is paid for by taxpayers and I don't see a problem with restricting use to family members. Anyone else, let them get a hotel room.

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Right...I wonder if it had been a guy would folks be making the same stink?

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The Reconstruction Agency, established in 2012 to engage in rebuilding efforts in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, has been hobbled by incompetence within its senior ranks this year.

In other words, it was a agency in which senior politicians could loot reconstruction funds for lucrative reconstruction projects and divert them to friends, acquaintances, and, indirectly, to themselves. The "incompetence", as it is called, is just a cover to excuse misused and misspent funds, and is entirely intentional.

Need proof? How much money as been set aside for reconstruction? How much reconstruction has been done? And that which has been done, what has been the cost relative to the amount of work actually done? Billions (in dollars, not yen) have been spent "reconstructing" sea walls around scantly populated fishing towns, and vacant land. Virtually no money has gone to rebuilding homes and businesses. The reconstruction agency is building countless "bridges to nowhere", which is a far bigger problem than a horny minister letting a younger female use his lawmaker's housing.

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Komeito is exactly a group of LDP leeches and no more no less than suckers.

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So much for Komeito's promises of "Clean Government".

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How old were they, marital status?

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The article insinuated he used for his sex activity.

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@Yubaru: if a. Guy, the gossip weekly will write he uses for his gay activity.

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Even if this was an affair, who the **** cares? What really gets me going is that these dormitory rules extend to company housing and to college dorms...meaning that no one is allowed to stay over. This strikes me as very old fashioned...why do institutions feel like they can police the private lives of their workforce or student body? Smh

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