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Kono defends jump in expenses for chartered flights for FY2019


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Japan's fiscal health is the worst among major advanced economies. But curbing spending is a daunting task as the aging of the country's population will inevitably increase expenses related to social security.

But he and his ministry have no problem with using taxpayer money to pay for chartered airplanes.

Let him fly coach!

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According to the article, he's doing much more than his predecessors did so the budget should reflect that. If his work tempo justifies the extra expense, I don't see a problem here.

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While expensive, this is vital to keep up with Chinas influence on other Nations, especially in Asia. Kono-san and Japan aim to keep one step ahead of China in nations for trade and friendship, and that requires travel to Big Summits.

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I understand he travels more than his predecessors but a 14 fold increase? 9 million dollars a year is ludicrous.

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It’s a simple strategy Kono-san is applying.


A dedicated jet for the foreign ministry.


Increase ministry travel in first year to justify a budgetary increase.

Get said travel budget or spend to meet or exceed the cost of a dedicated jet and its running cost.


Propose that the dedicated jet would be the same at current travel levels or cheaper with increased travel than chartering flights thus saving the government money and the Ministry working harder.


Dedicated Jet for the Foreign Ministry.

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14 fold increase? Has Japan,s diplomatic cloud increased 14 fold? If yes, its justified , if not then its not. But who doesnt love a free junket , jet off to a nice resort somewhere, have a bit of a chat with other fatcats , nice food and booze, release a few run of a mill mediw statements and do it all again. No better lifestyle than that.

How about using a JSDF plane and save the J taxpayer some dough. No good huh?

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A 14 fold increase budget, or pull your head in and just shut up accept that your a phiria state, the nation that continually has a bizarre take on historical facts.

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Kono: 47 regions a year

Predecessor Kishida: 51 regions in (roughly) 5 years - 10 regions a year

Wouldn't 5-hold increase be legitimate? I agree to increase the budget, but don't see the rationale.

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14-fold increase in expenses requested by his ministry for chartered international flights, saying Japan needs to maintain its diplomatic influence through overseas visits.

What a load of crap! They should be using domestic airlines. Or, better still, buy their own plane.

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Kono was an outspoken politican giving an impression to people that he had something new to add and change LDP. But when he was appointed to  a foreign minister which is ranked higher among other ministers in Japanese government, he lost his edges and became a mini Abe.  From the beginning, there is no original foreign diplomacy in Japan.  Their business is faithfully to follow the steps of U.S.

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All of his trips seem to have had minimal impact overseas, even the Japan Press hardly report them.

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"My hope has been to use a dedicated airplane for the foreign minister's overseas travels but we are asking instead for a budgetary increase for chartered flights in view of fiscal restraints," Kono told reporters.

Good to see that this bureaucrat has standards. After all, flying in either business and first class subjects you to potential contact with the rest of the us grubby peasants.

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With some of Japan’s biggest rival nations ( we all know who ) spending obscene amounts of time , energy and money pushing their agenda to anyone willing to be bribed and bought, I’d say this is money well spent. Kono seems a cut above so give him a bit of space to work with before all the resentful haters come from of the shadows to feed. It’s game on time.

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Come out from the shadows.... sorry.

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Mr. Kono you have to use made in Japan MRJ90 on your charter flights and promote a good PR to sell MRJ90 to the world, all the flights for Japanese lawmakers/bureaucrats/officials travel on charter flight will be much less when the planes will be sold, it will recompense for anything than buying expensive Boeing planes.

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Japan's fiscal health is the worst among major advanced economies.

I don't think these politicians care.

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No need for them to care, they are making upwards of 20 million yen a year, come from rich political families and are set.

Worrying about their reckless irresponsible unsustainable budgets is for tax payers to worry about.

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