Kono urges all countries to cut ties with N Korea


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sever them in a unified response to Pyongyang's nuclear and ballistic missile programs."Now is the time for the international community as a whole to maximize the pressure on North Korea to take concrete actions toward the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula,

A brilliant idea which should be applied to the Trump administration and Russia who helped said administration to steal the country and put the world on edge with this scenario. "Wag the Dog" springs to mind.

Boycott these three countries for putting the rest of us in jeopardy.

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boycott america and stop so many wars.

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boycott america and stop so many wars.

It's difficult to do as there is so much product that comes from the States. I imagine boycotting the DPKR might be easier for the ordinary Joe or Josephine. I've only ever bought one North Korean product!

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Soon as Chancellor Merkel of Germany is re-elected, She, should be made the leader of the civilized world. Let the leader of Trumpistan and his oriental side-kick take the back seat. With N. Korea it's Diplomacy, diplomacy,diplomacy.......!!!! These sanctions KILL innocent citizens of North Korea who are RECOGNIZED by South Korea's constitution as it's own citizens ( same as S.Korea's citizens by N. Korea) . We all KNOW what the problem is..but..are too timid to say it. Chancellor Merkel's wisdom has never been needed more.

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Actually, Japan and the US should be boycotted for helping things get to the point they are at. SK seems to be the only one with a head on its shoulders that doesn't act like a two-year-old.

Japan has done all it can do aggravate the situation, and now they're scared to reap what they sow, so they're asking others to jump into the frying pan with them.

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Kono urges all countries to cut ties with N Korea

Except Japan?  How about closing so many North Korean schools all over in Japan?  North Korean defacto Embassy in Japan?   Pachinko parlors? Sex industries?

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When someone is cornered, unstable and potentially vulnerable they are at their most deadly. Isolation will only further enrage the North Korean leadership more and as suspicious and paranoid as they are this could back fire spectacularly. This will only serve as a powerful propaganda tool for the North as they can say that its the world against them and that they need every defensive measure they can get!

Sanctions hurt the most vulnerable and in this case that's the North Korean citizens themselves, Kim and his cronies will ride this out with their huge wealth and comfy palaces all the while their people will starve and freeze to death!

If Trump thinks that revolution will come from within as a result of these new round of sanctions then he is sorely mistaken as the population of the DPRK is so indoctrinated to support the regime that any thought of an alternative is not in their minds at all.

This will only make an already bad situation worse. However I don't see a way out of this almighty mess!

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This is when the visits to Yasukuni Shrine might tip the scale of whether Japan has China's cooperation or not. Work towards peace in times of peace.

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Ok last I checked there were many NKs in Japan, and many NK schools and whatnot. Also apparantly Pachinko is a big money maker for NK

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as the population of the DPRK is so indoctrinated to support the regime that any thought of an alternative is not in their minds at all.

Or when it is, they tend to end up in gulags or flee the country.

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"Can you believe that over 160 countries have diplomatic ties with North Korea, the biggest threat to the world right now?" he asked

So instead of communicating, his idea is to make them more isolated, because that has worked so well in the past? I've never heard of a single situation which was solved by both parties refusing to communicate with each other. His logic skills are below that of an elementary schoolchild.

Sanctions maybe, whatever... but requesting other countries to close communications is just weird. In his small mind, how would North Korea then tell other countries they will stop with the missiles & bombs? Telepathy?

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Kono said: ----While conceding that Japan, lacking in natural resources and facing demographic decline, "is not and will not be a dominant military power," it must instead "become a beacon for the world" and lead the way to peace and prosperity.----A right minister in a right time. And who is going to reshuffled soon the ministers!? Someone I know doesn't like him and I know who is...

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Wake me up when there's a publicly available and independently verified transparent analysis of Japanese interests in NK including the associated cash flows.

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...because EVERYONE listens to Kono.. not

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Well, the US has not won a war since they beat us in WWII. So we wonder who will protect us from NK. We are on our own.

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Cutting all ties with NK? Ok? How about you lead by example? Its hilarious that all kinds of these Korean organizations (gambling, porn, media) in Japan that financially support the NK regime, yet Japan is being a cry baby for more sanctions from other countries. Ridiculous!

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@Cogito Ergo Sum - So what you are proposing is a One World Government with Merkel being the leader, supreme leader, prime minister or whatever the title will be.

I believe this is the desired end game of the global elites and it is one (not the only) they despise Trump so much. I dislike Trump and see him unfit, but for entirely different reasons.

The mechanism of those wishing to establish the one world government is to divide and conquer and weaken sovereignty.

In this case I do not think Kono is engaging in this activity. I believe Japan honestly does fear North Korea and sees Kim as more of a threat than the prior dictators.

What Kono said was logical. Japan will not again become a dominant military power for a variety of reasons for the reasons he stated. I also see the younger generation in Japan and I think it would take quite a bit for them to return to anything close to the generation that existed around WW2.

Perhaps economic ties should be cut and diplomatic ties be maintained. We have learned however that all countries tend to act in their own self interest (i.e. France selling weapons technology to Iran, etc., the U.S. and UK in the Middle East, China in Africa, etc. etc....) basically all countries do this so we will probably never get a chance to see if this would actually work

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