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LDP calls for major green investment in draft plan

By Daniel Leussink and Tetsushi Kajimoto

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Will Suga end up taking another airline on his foreign trips then?

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Will Suga end up taking another airline on his foreign trips then?

Japanese PMs have two private jumbo jets.

This article suggests that the Japanese taxpayers will see their money go to out of date nuclear power plants on earthquake faultlines.

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any mention of pollution going nuclear free before 2050?

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Wow another "call" to do something.

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Investment in a daft plan, surely?

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how many nuclear plants to close before 2030?

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net zero carbon emissions by 2050?! Here in Japan?!

They will still be having meetings in 2050 to discuss it !!!

Everything but corruption is slow in Japan!

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Japan should lead in Hydrogen technology with KHI, IHI, MHI and Toshiba and make new factory for wind turbines and generators in Japan. Hope Toshiba and MHI does it. Kyocera, Panasonic and Idemitsu should recapture solar market from knock-off Chinese and Korea. Panasonic, Toshiba should focus also on EV battery. Toyota, Murata should commercialize Solid State Battery with no delay.

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Either we humans clean up our act, or Mother Nature will turn increasingly hostile to us. It will be much less painful if we clean things up ourselves.

IMO, nuclear power should be a last ditch choice, but it may be necessary as a stop-gap measure until it can be replaced with clean energy technology. I think of it like the argument for using natural gas.....natural gas is both cheaper and cleaner than coal as a fuel, although in the long run natural gas is also untenable.

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Japan and nuclear technology=Stupid response by the government.

Nuclear technology is superior to Solar and Wind by a factor of 80x times.

Japan is an Island Nation with no natural resources, limited land for vast solar farms or wind farms.

-Since 2011 we import and buy 10x more resources from others, more dependent on others, more dependant on the sea.

-Any country who wants to stop Japan's electricity can do so easily by controlling Sea around Japan, sinking our ships.

-You care about the environment? Nuclear has been proved the best solution right now in present 2020 and not in the future.

-Nuclear can be used in the Day/Night/Cold/Hot/Wind/No Wind/No Sun.

That's why grass hopper, that's why nuclear is better, and the solution in 2020, especially for an Island country like Japan.

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I agree that nuclear is the best option if we had a clean slate. However, Tepco and the the government have completely botched and mismanaged the situation, lied / ignored pressing issues (pre and post tsunami), and now there is a very high level of mistrust and skepticism. So we will be discussing the pros and cons of nuclear energy for the next 50 years.

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In LDP terms, Green = Nukes. Restarting nukes without a community referendum is the name of the game that they are playing. Mother nature is going to give Japan another bite in the six.

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Is that a typo? Should “draft plan” be daft plan?

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knock-off Chinese and Korea

Precisely the attitude that killed your consumer electronics industry.

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