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LDP lawmakers seek emergency clause for constitution to deal with crises

By Linda Sieg

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Won’t change a think until the dinosaurs in power are gone.

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This was always what it was about. Tyrrany always comes in the guise of safety and "patriotism." They try to sell this as if it is a Japan government for Japanese, when it's just a reversal into a neo feudalistic society.

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The truth is, Japan's government can enough measures such as lock down or compensation unlike until now by applying Disaster Countermeasure Basic Act to Covid-19.

Therefore, revising Constitution is unnecessary. 

Moreover, Today's article "Members of media from abroad covering Olympics to be tracked by GPS" is equal to proof that Japan can respond strictly without revising Constitution.

Japan's Suga-LDP government who want to exploit unrest among people to revising Constitution looks like even neglect measures to Covid-19 intentionally.

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This change is necessary for Japan to be able to respond smoothly to various crisis situations. It is necessary not only for natural disasters but also to protect the people and foreign residents when they are attacked by China, for example. In the first place, the fact that the Constitution does not include an emergency clause is an anomaly in the world. Those who shout that the emergency clause is dangerous need to get rid of the emergency clause in their own countries.

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Japan needs this. Without explicit directions as to what to do, the politicians cannot act.

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Japan has a problem with crisis management. It has noting to do with the Constitution. It is a problem with lack of LDP intelligence, pure and simple. In a crisis everything changes and you must thing in new and different ways. A totalitarian "crisis" amendment will make it worse. The people know what to do in a crisis. The stupid LDP does not. Check out the latest pandemic crisis. It was more than totalitarian enough.

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Right wingers just trying to find some excuse to be relevant in a world they are not relevant in. Of course by force, and fear. They don’t care.

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Finally we are seeing the wolf in the wood, the real agenda, as seen everywhere in the world, restrict freedom and impose general surveillance, Europe being the leader in the block in that matter, no one talk about improving the medical health system which failed because of lack of creating ICU beds (when not closing them during the pandemic) or how to take in charge @ EARLY STAGE any patient.

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There’s no need to amend the constitution just to add an emergency clause to it. Enacting a special legislation for emergency would serve the purpose. The government’s first priority is to stop wasting time and concentrate on scrapping Article 9, which bans armed forces, and Article 76, which bans courts martial.

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Ridiculous. They have all the tools they need to keep people at home if they want. They have managed to pretty much close down the restaurant industry without needing a constitutional amendment - all they did was declare an emergency and introduce fines for failing to comply. What they completely failed to do was introduce fines for other companies which failed to meet working-from-home targets.

We'd be sitting pretty if Japanese companies on average had switched to, say, 70% working from home - or even 30%. The trains would be comparatively empty, people would have had far fewer close contacts through being in offices etc. This could have been accomplished through the same mechanism as was used with restaurants.

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Yeah, sounds like a great idea, what could possibly go wrong with such a set up in a culture known for it's lack of hiearchy, decentralization and love of challenging authority.


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The voice of reason:

"I don't think a lack of an emergency clause is the reason the COVID-19 response has not gone well. The problem is incompetent politicians," said Keio University professor Satoshi Yokodaido.

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Its not that an updated change is not req’d, its that i just don't trust Jgov to be competent enough to use properly.

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I don't think a lack of an emergency clause is the reason the COVID-19 response has not gone well. The problem is incompetent politicians," said Keio University professor Satoshi Yokodaido.

Yeah, I'd say!

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Instead of learning from previous problems, the LDP will just patch a patch that was patched previously over a patch being patched. Crisis management? Procedure for natural disasters? Emergency procedure for similar cases? That would be better than being totally unprepared and only solving problems as we go along. Like the hospitals that didn't have a procedure when the virus appeared and instead of getting help from the government, they made it up themselves. The Japanese government and the Japanese people still do not realise that they do not serve the government, but the government should serve them. They elect the government and the representatives, not that the government elects its citizens. As a citizen I can vote here, but ordinary citizens here hear only pleasant words and promises and vote according to emotion, not reason.

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I knew it! Here is comes! The power grab! What defines "emergency"? "Covid" which has killed less people than than a number of other maladies kill on a yearly basis? "The environment" about which NHK yaks endlessly about on their news casts? We are already looking at electricity shortages in both this summer and winter due to the "going green" movement. If there is so much "support" for this measure which would give arguably one of the most incompetent governments Japan has ever seen more power, then put it on a ballot and let the public vote on it. I doubt that there are many people under the age of 70 who would support for such an idiotic idea.

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As a non citizen resident, I have no voting power...

But I hope the people of Japan will vote NO to such ludicrousness.

Under the guise of "safety" another nation changed its constitution...

It made tyranny legal.


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Doing it was reasonable... maybe a year ago. Doing it right now seems much more just a political move without any intention to produce results.

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No hurry, take your time.

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""fresh calls by lawmakers in Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga's Liberal Democratic Party for a constitutional amendment allowing the cabinet to limit civil rights in a national emergency.""

NO THANK YOU, the Japanese people know very well the cost of giving such powers to the cabinet, Japan is doing well as is and does NOT need a new dictatorship.

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Jolly old LDP. Never waste a good crisis or spurn an opportunity to destroy democracy and human rights in Japan.


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Some really“sneaky buggers”:

“An emergency clause" *gives the cabinet the power to create ‘a secret government’ ***during ‘an emergency that the cabinet itself would declare,**" said former Meiji University law professor Lawrence Repeta. "...the very antithesis of the constitutional democracy we have today."

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Too slow in doing everything because how restricted they are. Laws need to be more loosen as we had seen most other nations had done during their handling of covid. Civilian has too much rights and asking them instead of forcing it clearly is no longer working.

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I don't think a lack of an emergency clause is the reason the COVID-19 response has not gone well. The problem is incompetent politicians," said Keio University professor Satoshi Yokodaido.

Exactly and giving these incompetent elite more power is certainly not going to solve anything. Just create more problems they can’t deal with in an intelligent or mature manner.

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The Japanese government should never gain one more iota of power over the people....never!

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