LDP loses 3 by-elections in blow to Suga


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This is indeed good news!

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"We will reflect seriously on the voters' judgment," Taimei Yamaguchi, the LDP's election campaign chief, said at the party's headquarters.

Let me translate that for you. We will need to provide far more brown envelopes to pay off everybody and anybody we have to to make sue we win the next election. We will throw in some more roads to nowhere, as well as a few bridges in areas that seem a little shaky!

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Fabulous news!!

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The view seems to be that it’s a judgement on the cabinet not the party? Could come as a nasty surprise if people are actually fed up with the LDP!

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it's sad that only 44% of people votes.

disbelief on this fake democracy.

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Good to hear!

Dump those who are not qualified to run the country.

Dump those who are hesitating and make nothing but promises!

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A great start, but the country is going to need many more of these LDP "bye-bye" elections in order to turn the page on political sleaze and corruption and the gerrymandering that stack the deck against democracy in Japan.

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This can mean LDP can loose up to 50% of their current seats. Also that Komeito will get very nervous and choose a more independent course. If Suga sticks to the Olympics for 2021 the LDP will be destroyed. I an glad to see the Japanese people have finally lost patience and trust in the LDP. I thought it would never happen

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the LDP will be destroyed.

I'll believe it when I see it.

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I hope the opposition parties can band together and take this opportunity. Last time the DPJ was in power they floundered with weird policies and lack of leadership as they are only used to criticizing the LDP and did not seem capable of coming up with coherent and original policies.

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NK and Singapore must be freaking out. A one party democracy have votes for another party?

Suga needs to change election laws to make the LDP to stay in power for ten year periods.

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the LDP will be destroyed.

I'll believe it when I see it."

I second that...LDP will probably still hang on to government in September due to low voter turnout ( which is pretty much a tradition here ), and their loyal voting segments that will be bought off with more money thrown at them, big business and farmers with more subsidies, the elderly will probably be promised some election crumbs, rural voters will have construction money thrown at their villages etc, ....No doubt the North Korea boogeyman will be brought out for the conservative voters too. Positive stories in amakudari run media about the Olympics and Japan beating the virus will start proliferating more in the months before the election. Still I hope LDP will loose enough seats and see their majority substantially reduced so it shakes up the party and hopefully results in the deadwood ala Nikai, Aso, Suga being shown the door.

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The voters' message is more ambivalent. In the latest polls, the approval ratings for both PM Suga and the ruling LDP have remained intact or the declining trend seems to have hit the bottom if not reversed. Likewise the opposition groups have continued to catch up large gaps.

The majority of votes were definitely critical, cast as warning or punishment. Yet people have yet to gain confidence in giving full mandate to alternative parties, namely the leader Constitutional Democrats.

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The opposition leader CDPJ has since long been unpopular in policy of national security and foreign relations while some of their domestic-focused election promises and activities are backed by an increasing number of voters. Many lean LDP supporters are actually swingers, their voting behavior rather volatile. To say oddly, the CDPJ can draw their supports for its liberal agenda by slightly shifting to become conservative on defense and diplomacy. Politics is art of compromise.

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The fact that the bureaucracy worked against the DJP, the police held a trumped-up inquiry into Ozawa, they were made to take the blame for the Fukushima debacle, and Noda held an election when it was not necessary, might also have contributed to their floundering.

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Good riddance. The base ineptitude, advancing candidates and appointees that belong in retirement homes and generally enacting atavistic policies, marks the LDP as belonging more to the age of dinosaurs, than the present.

Suga, who was supposed to simply keep the throne warm for the next elderly PM, failed to acquiesce and is intent on misgoverning as is the ken of the LDP. The key accomplishments so far, a surreal intent to hold the Olympics in the midst of a panic, a complete failure to inoculate the population against SARSCoV-2 and the ruin of local economies.

One might suggest, Suga, who was key in cultivating Chinese tourism as a base component of the economy did so to the detriment of local culture and independent businesses. It created a dependence similar to monocropping, instead of a viable & sustainable model for the entire economy. It is also indirectly responsible for the introduction of the virus via Chinese tourists from Wuhan, literally on a tour bus travelling between Tokyo & Osaka with a sidetrip to Nara.

The response of the government aka LDP to the pandemic was anemic and tardy. It is only elements of the culture that helped reduce the spread of the virus, not the actions of the government. The LDP, created the GoToTravel campaign which encouraged travel, in the midst of a pandemic and the result was an increase in the spread of the virus. Clever. The response by the LDP, at best, has been haphazard, ill-advised and a travesty.

Suga and his party have created a less than stellar legacy in their turn at governing. They, indeed, should be turned-out to pasture.

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Not that the alternative will be better, but it really seems they suddenly insist now in a complete losing and do perfectly all necessary efforts to reach that ‘goal’ quickly. Something strange in their daily coffee mugs? lol

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@ Richard Gallagher Well said son!

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The LDP could still win the next election in if they do 2 or 3 things which they won't.

1-) cancel the Olympics.

2-) approve now all Vaccines and get them to the people extremely fast.

3-) pass a financial support directly to people that lost jobs, income, businesses during the pandemic.

The first 2 would probably be just enough to get them over the hill the 3rd would seal the deal.

But the chances of all that happening are slim to none.

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ja politics doesn’t make sense. Even if the Oyaji are gone, they won’t be gone with the wind; just reshuffled in government. Big deal.

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bokudaToday  08:48 am JST

it's sad that only 44% of people votes.


disbelief on this fake democracy.

Not fake, people have the right to vote, sad that more than half of them choose not to. It should be made compulsory then the people who don't vote because they think the LDP will win anyway might be pleasantly surprised.

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Ever heard of main opposition in the local English press, like

Constitutional Democratic Party, or Democratic Party for the People, or Social Democratic Party?

So is there some fermentation hereabouts away from the concrete iconic one rules all?

And it may even lead away from the one of the lowest minimum wages in the OECD countries.

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