Labor ministry officials knew of improper wage survey since 2006


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That, is a great photo.

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Photo Caption:

Aso: "I have a pen... I have an apple..."

Abe: Someone please get me out of here.

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Surprise of the century!

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Since I’ve been living in Japan, I’ve noticed far too many willfully negligent and illegal behaviors. Even though many of these behaviors are common knowledge, as long as no one says anything, it will never come up as being an issue.

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Cooking the books happens in Japan?! Wake me when there is real news.

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And you all know what will come of this? Nothing, just like it always does. It reminds me of John Oliver, every time on his show he says they finally have the dirt on Trump, then someone explains that it doesn't matter. Same thing here. Another cover up, that goes all the way to the top, and Abe will skate as usual, and Aso will be the ignorant pr#ck that he always is. It would be great to see a real revolt against his government, but that will never happen.

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Quick! lets throw someone under that approaching bus....

 labor minister Takumi Nemoto dismissed a senior official in charge of the survey from his post for not reporting the discovery of the practice dating back to 2006 "

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Japan inc cooking the books then finding a scapegoat and a shredder, no never.

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Labor ministry officials knew of improper wage survey since 2006

And nobody gets fired much less arrested???? Oh yeah. Japanese style democracy.

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The western term is

Institutionalised corruption

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I guess Abe opponents are trying really hard to bring him down. They even manage to dig up things 10years ago and blame it on his administration.

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If Shinzo wasn’t so jet-lagged from flying around the world every week then he’d be able to stay on top of things.....

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There is proof of Japan being a fascist state run by bureaucrats who are above the law. In a true democracy every one of these criminals would be ousted and be facing criminal fraud charges.

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Labor ministry officials knew of improper wage survey since 2006

Say it ain't so!!!

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The announcement has cast doubt on the accuracy of government statistics as a whole...

So I guess we will see approval of the LDP drop, maybe a landslide in the next election?

Or is it just one of those "shouganai" cultural things...

Slap me sideways!

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 as long as no one says anything, it will never come up as being an issue.

and why would it be an issue, the magic apologetic bow does wonders, keeps you out of prision and a couple months of lost salary, all is good

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Abe’s facepalm and Aso’s nonchalant expression is the epitome of Japan and their political activities.

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And the punishment will be... NOTHING! TIJ.

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Please make this all a dream I wake up from

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When you spend years creating an illusion it will all eventually come crashing down. Broken to the core these self serving slight of hand professional beaurocrats. All scratching each other’s bums. A lot like what happened way back in Stalins Russia. Millions died for a lie there, but it’s hard not to draw comparisons.

You have to ask yourself this one question though. Is there the will to even try and remedy these dire debilitating flaws holding the country back? First you have to not try and dodge the fact that there is even a problem , asystemic one, and these guys build careers using the dark arts of denial, distraction to and deflections.

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When something like this comes to light, you can bet there are several more lurking, waiting to be discovered. Why do Abe and Aso look like it's 24 hours to judgement day.

Perhaps it is.

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This might actually work in the government's favour. When opposition MPs criticise the corruption in the Diet, the PM can say "well it happened on your watch too"

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As if any of us are surprised by this shocking (not) scandal. My question is, why talk about it now?

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If there was a think bubble above Abe sans head it might read "Oh! no not again?"

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Shocking! Incredible! I’m dismayed. Can anything else go wrong?

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In January last year, the ministry quietly began tweaking the survey results to make it appear it had collected the necessary data, leading to a sudden rise in wage figures.

Heaven help all, for those that believe a heaven exists.

The headline is enough to send fiscal and monetary policy air raid sirens into a tail spin.

Bear with me for a moment, no, actually humour my sarcasm.

A judicial system has a man incarcerated for fraud, yet since 2006 governments have been allegedly, at least purportedly massaging economic survey results.

The photo could be comical if not so infuriating.....

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Well, are all of them going to be charged and detained ???. Yes or No ???.

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When opposition MPs criticise the corruption in the Diet, the PM can say "well it happened on your watch too"

I think this could be their strategy too. Deflecting blame.

The labor ministry "is examining whether it is possible to calculate" real wage data to reflect actual conditions, Abe told an upper house plenary session.

Also backed up by option of saying it is not possible anyway

(I have a feeling the statement makes more sense in Japanese....)

Abe said the government is considering revising the data on monthly wages for Japanese workers.

And that it was Abe's government that improved things. By investigating and revising this and other government statistics.

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Can't anyone, anywhere in this country mount a decent political opposition so these clowns can finally get voted out of office? No?

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See, nobody goes to jail and no Japanese detained ???.amusing.

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